Sunday, 24 May 2009

Try and be good, if you cant be good, give me a call

Jose from Lima

Fate always gives you 2 choices, the one you should take and the one you do

fATE. I dont know much about fATE, but when i was coming back last night i ATE another street hamburger, how can you cay NO, after a few beers.

Teacher Megan (she said she is going to miss me too!!!)

Cornflakes never had much appeal for me anyhows, so i dont know much about fATE, but i know what i chose, and i would do it again and again, but you got to be careful when you eat those burgers after beer.

Jose again

Why you say? Food standards? Bacteria? Nope, you might get a fake 20, amongst the change you gave for your 100.

Now the fact that she was willing to give me change of a 100 should of raised a few alarm bells, but i was busy thinking about the next burger and then eating that burger.

All is well and good, until y ou try and get get rid of this 20 and you realise there is no bigger idiot than you, stuffing yourself with burgers at 3am (brain listen up)

And then meet an americano and you pay 20 soles to this Americano for yourself and your Swiss friend Mirial at a BBQ (it was really good!!)


God bless America

My favourite dish in the Mono Blanco, The Rapae (Excellente!!!!!)

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