Friday, 15 May 2009

We are all made of stars, just ask any scientist !!

Photos are from Ariquipa

I met a girl from Vancouver, Reva and she told me when she was young(er), she would ask her mother to to driver her somoewhere, her mother would say no, then she would say, ´I know a number 11 bus (while doing a walking motion with her 2 fingers) that will take you right there´, classic!!

I love this one, thanks Nurse Emily, and i got lots of Nurse talk too

Shantrahm quotes
Men reveal what they think when they look away, what they feel when they hesitate, with women, it´s the other way around.

It´s meaning that makes us human

The last words of Ned Kelly (as everyone knows, was ´Such as life´), his last words to the Judge that sentenced him was that they would meet in a higher court one day, and the judge died soon later.

Thanks Jane, note where all the swingers clubs are!!

Shantrahm quotes
There is nothing as deperssing as good advise
Depression only happens to people who dont know how to be sad
Danger kills the Dragon of stress

One to think about
Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons
When you admire someone for all the right reason, your half way to wisdom

The rightous Americans at the BBQ were yammering on last nigt and one of them said something about positive, Mariel was going to sleep, she was wondering ´Why did Kieran tell the Americans i was HIV positive´, the Americans were stunned.

Breakfast time photos

Oh how i love life!!!! i remember saying this while hitting the straight Go Karting the other night, not much has changed!!

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