Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Woddy Allen is my hero, Batman your history!!

I dont care if Woody married his step daughter he adopted from, Vietnam? He makes me laugh, and that´s ok by me.

I met a French guy about 10 years ago, he was doing his thesis on Mr Allen, i couldn´t understand it, i now understand, sorry French guy.

So, let me tell you about last night.....

So after dodging my Teacher to Teachers meating and going ´Go Karting´ (you see it´s all in the name, just GO, and i went), i was supposed to meet this guy i met last week from Lima (whos DJing House music on Friday night). He never showed, but i said i´d be there, i was there and i had a great time.

So on my way home, i thought i´d pop into the local French bar ´Mono Blanco´and see if anyone was out and about.

My friend Amelie and Mr Italy were there, so Amelie has a list of about 30 names in front of her, is i come waltzing in.

So i sez, ´Is that the amount of guys you´ve had sex with in the last month´ and i go off to the toilet, i can hear her praticing my name while i´m in the toilet and i come out and my name is on the list.

I was going to tell her it felt like playing football at school and getting picked last, so i´m added, and that means i´m invited to her house warming BBQ on sunday.

So much for using my (female) intuition.

Everything just falls into place, right now, everything just comes to me, i love my life (i said that a lot hitting the straight while Karting too!!!!)

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