Tuesday, 19 May 2009

You got to get up to get down

One week left of my voLUNATeerInCg, no one has told me to go away or clear off, professionaly (although one Americano did fold her arms, how unprofessional of her arms, and there was nothing nuclear of unclear about it either, when the revolution comes, the arms might have to come off!!!!

Tomorrow i will go to the meating then i will go ´Go Karting´ later, i need to ´Go´ or else it would be called ´Karting´ and whats the point of going ´Karting´, you need to ´Go´ (tell that to all the teachers and their ´Meatings´)

I will get a certificate too, if i go tomorrow, no college time required and the kids still call me teacher, can you believe it?

Photos will need to be taken of this great occasion, of course, i stayed the course, just like American in Iraq, no cutting and running, stay the course. Whats for desert? Of course you sez, yeah, i already said that!!

BBQ at Murial´s hostel, i paid for Murial and myself with my fake 20 Soles note i got one night coming home, while i was busy eating a hamburger, i was sooooo happy to finally get rid of it!!!

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