Wednesday, 20 May 2009

You need to learn to accept imperfection...and I can help you with that.

Have you been clicking on any Ad´s people?

I really want to make a million $$$ and not have to think about working EVER again!!

It´s not that i´m afraid of working, it´s just that i´m small and weak (and i´ve grown used to my life of leisure and i like things that way)

Oh god please help me!!!

Here try this, click on 20 ad´s on the top side, and 20 on the bottom and this will be like confession (all you lapsed Catholics know what i´m talking about)

Now, i forgive you, go in peace to love and serve anybody you fuckin like!!!

Did you hear me, your forgiven , give in to all the vices (if you already havent, and i recommend you do) and come back for another session (treating your problems as well as mine might take a while, and i´ve got all the time in the world)

Clickty click!!!

The clock is ticking........Sinners

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