Thursday, 25 June 2009

90% of the game is half mental

Some little random stories from the Salkantay trek

Marcello from Brazil, when he talks english, he sometimes sounds like Borat, when i would say something he didn't understand, he would say 'Whaaaaat...'

Fiona was telling me how her dad used to work in a bakery and one time he gave some one merengue and the customer said 'I cant eat that, the cream has gone all hard'

Fiona was telling me how she was in a village and it was announced that the Lima Mc Carthy cup (the cup every aspiring hurler in Ireland dreams of holding after the hurling final in September) would be arriving.

She was expecting a big parade, instead it was 5 lads walking down the street holding the cup, she laughed.

From Jose from Lima

Jose told me this one night in the Mono Blanco, oh how i laughed, it's one to think about, fuck the tree falling in the forest!!
Sometimes when you cook a chicken with another chicken, the chicken tastes differn't

Try and be good, if you cant be good, give me a call

A Canadian told me 'RAP' stands for Rythem and poetery, i'd like to believe so too.

Met an English couple in Paddys yesterday, and the couple bit is interesting, they never thought it would last and had no expectations of each other and now they are perfectly happy together.

Anyways they told me about their 'random' tour guide, he would blurt out 'Do you ever think about waking up with Brian Adams?'

The Indiginous flag in Peru is like the gay pride flag and the tour guide said 'People think we're on the other team, because of our flag! We're not!'

He was drawing a map of Machu Pichu and ended up drawing a happy face in the sand, classic!!!

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