Sunday, 21 June 2009

Do you have a sleeping problem?

Fiona on the left and Alica

It's funny, now. That i was snoring on the trip, it was handy too that i got my own tent (home sweet home) and i was a long way from Yelapa in Mexico (i once spent a month in a tent with Diana on the beach).

On the first night someone was actually was banging on the tent, i didn't realise this until the guy from Dublin (Chris) told me and i was oh yeah, now that makes sense and it was funny too. Who ever was doing the banging (Chris was doing a bit of banging himself, no one heard him, maybe i was just a decoy?), never owned up.

Our second in command Guia, Naruth

I think it was Pablo from Argentina, he denied it emphatically, and thats exactly what i would have said....if i was banging on someones tent in -10 degrees, while i was at 180 degrees (a quick bit of math) 180 + -10 = 170 (let's call it 170 something to make it a bit clearer)

Let the truth be your ticket ou fuckin uptight insomniac (of course i could be wrong and maybe you devide the 170 by a hoop snake and drop kick the remainder to win a game in the last minute of extra time?) if that means anything to you, i hope it does, cos it means feck all to me!

But the treck for $200 was one of the best value trecks a human (or American could ever do) and they did too. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

I told Pablo that scientists think Neanderthals used to snore to scare wild animals away while they were sleeping, he nearly lost the plot, poor guy, i actually felt sorry for him. I was able to piss him off more while i was sleeping than when i was awake.

I had to laugh !!

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