Thursday, 18 June 2009

Going to Cusco, Part 1, in the taxi.

Take 1

There's a funny smell in the air, i'm not laughing, the taxi drive tells me that it's frem the crematorium, i'm still not laughing

Julie from France told me about this Metallica secret gig

Take 2

It turns out the bus company (Crus del sur) are like KLM airlines . What a fuckin bunch of what i would have once called school teachers, since i volunteered , that status of 'School teacher' has been elevated to 'I now understand better', i wish i could say the same for doing my tax.

All your bags are searched and there was a Q of 4 people at the side that were judged to have alcohol.

So we had to wait for the bus driver to come up to us and say 'So your drunk'. They recorded us getting on and again when we were on the bus.

Nowhere in the world would they say that, so much for south america, that wouldn't happen in Sweden, or any other Airport i can think of.

Epilogue (Thank fuck your thinking?)

Brazil, i need the wild wild west and Brazil is East!!

Cruz del Sur, never again, maybe if i'm 65 and a half, and i had to ditch 3 beers that a guy thought i forgot, while my bag was being searched after i was judged sober enough to board.

I had to tell the good Samartian, they wern't mine, when all i needed was a beer!!

Cruz del Sur, You Fucker$

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