Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hoop snakes and Drop bear farming is going to be bigger than Texas

When Kieran gets back to Melbourne, he is going to start farming hoop snakes and Drop bears to meet the growing asian demand for this precious commodity,

Anyone interested in a 50/50 partnership, should let me know.

The successful applicant shold be able to:
- Tie their own shoe laces
- Know how to turn spell check on
- Have a well rounded print of their ass (as seen on a photocopy)
- Be light enough to not break the photocopy machine
- Have a love for hoop snakes and a distrust for drop bears
- A demonstrative ability for mouth to mouth resussitation (this will be tested in the interview)
- Know how to serve eggs benadict and coffee in the place of business (my bedroom)
- Know how to access Access and do spread sheets
- Take calls from all future girl friends or boyfriends (i'm trying to be optimistic)

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