Saturday, 20 June 2009

I like my drinks on ice and my women on fire!!

Oh yeah i went to the sacred valley, the sites were Ollantaytambo, Pisaq

So it's been 3 weeks since i've written anything, Fiona (Born in England, raised part in the UK or Great Britan, you choose) and it's beginning to look like a mathamatical equasion again, was telling me that she checked out my blog (even though she said she wouldn't and she said i write like i talk, I'm thinking i've discoered the ability to tell the truth? And no i'm not telling you how i do it! It's a secret!!

So i was warned before i came to cusco that this was not the best place to chill out, but chilling out i am (at 3am on a Sunday morning, thinking' Have i lost the writing business', but i think i'm just like Jay Z there (lyrical Sinarta? No)

One of the reasons i have stayed here so long is because of the Champions league final FA cup final and the NBA finals are still on and i'm having a good time!

Made it into Julias little red book

So goo in fact, i had to go on the Salkantay treck (as reccomended my Pierre from France and Teacher Louise from England (not the UK)

The last day of the treck we went to Machu Pichu, fucking great to be there and see it all. It was one of the highlights. But as per all Quentin Tarantino movies (and there was a Dutch guy on the treck that looked just like him (according to me) the last is first and the first (part) is last, go figure, it's what Quentin learnt somewhere (probably in a book, you just cant trust people that learn things in a book, i watch all my books on TV)

I guess, so dont do there.......somewhere

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