Friday, 19 June 2009

I was a French man all along and i didn't even know it!!

In Lue of all Americanos telling me they are Irish, i would like to announce that i am French.
You see, it appears that my Grand mother (one of, it appears i had 2 of them, there's so much choice these daze, i was spoilt as a child, really, i was!)

Well anyway, my grandmother's father had a liking for frog's legs and being snooty (i can only imagine, i never met the guy) and was French, from France.

So, i remember telling people in New York i was jewish, and pulling down my pants would easily resolve any dispute there, that is no more, i'm getting serious now.

So for as long as i have been drinking wine, i have also enjoyed cheese and bread (i usually cut the mouldy bits off, beggers cant be choosers!), olives too!!

So this culinary (not canary, but i do like those little fellows too) apreciation has been growing for quite some time, now i think it's time i don a berret, get snooty(er) and start making love with my face.

France, blame Americans and their 'Freedom fries', for this inspiring rant.

French people, if you feel like spitting and kicking me, for that is what i deserve, you are already forgiven.

Allez les Blues!!!!

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