Sunday, 14 June 2009

Living on the edge, don´t fall off (Part 1)

If your not living on the edge your taking up too much space

Megan (teacher) told me this quote, and it´s interesting, how shall i count the ways, numbers? Fingers? Toes? all of the above?

Lets get started and i´ll give you a number later, hopefully it wont be the number of any beast and it wont be my telephone number either, there is a beast in me, i know this as he tends to come out after too much alchol, i can be a maniac.

I tend to be in places long enough to accuire the title of the crazy Irish guy.
Maybe i should stop playing this character and switch to a differnt role (i´m writing this sipping a Mojito, will i ever learn?)

Maybe i could be like Brad Pitt and have interesting roles all the time, but knowing my luck i´d end up working in a Deli, making ham sandwitches for construction workers.

What have i learnt from travelling? Absolutly fuck all, if you ask me. I need the freedom to say no, i need to be liberated from saying ´Yes´ and ´More´, 2 words that would sum me up right now.

I am off on the Colca Canyon trip on monday, then i can start the whole game off in a new city, where no one knows me.....yet.

But as far as living on the edge goes, i do it too much, maybe it´s time i accuired more space, other than the edge, i wonder how the guy from U2 manages it, after all it is his name? Too much fun is no fun.

Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, where will it all end, and then i go and order another Mojito, see what i mean?

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