Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mule versus Kieran

The videos are from the artists i was listening to on English Fionas iPod, coming back to Cusco in the front seat of the bus, awesome end to a great tour

I dont care what anyone says about Donkeys (i know one of them carried the baby Jesus, lets call him Fred....the donkey)

I am faster than a donkey carrying lazy bastards (some of their parents weren't married, the rest of them are lazy, but i stil call them lazy bastards!)

I was told by Pablo from Argentina that it wasn't a race, but on hte El Choro treck (71kms in 2.5 daze) it was a breeze and i was a butterfly in the summers breeze.

On the trail my legs would take off, i was wondering if i could put this down to all the massages i've had? Every day and every day is a holiday (in a holiday). This is why i decided to get out and do the Machu Pichu thing, i feel great again, like in Corico (Bolivia) when i was swimming every day (minus the belly), oh how food poisoning is the best.

Anyways i walked every inch, some French guy told me i needed lots of rest as the treck was hard, about 4 hours and Kieran was off, could trecking be hte next BIG thing for me?

I saved the best to last

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