Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My new claim to fame is i sat on a seat Cameron Diaz sat on in Cusco!!!

Videos are from the Choquequirao treck

So, after the dinner in Aguas Calientes, the table next to us started singing ´Happy Birthday´ and they had a rice cake, it was all soooo nice, except for the fact that the Argentenian Pablo, that like´s banging on tents in -10 temp (i know this because he denied it)

Well, Pablo hates Lonely Planet, and it didn´t help that our neighbours were Lonely Planet writers and a bigger bunch of dorks my eyes have never viewed in one spot, it was like a convention for dorks (and i´m using American words, yes i speak American), and them being Americanos made it all worse.

Would you believe there is still a lot of bad Karma in the world from George Bush and none of us had out familes obliterated by any carpet bombing as per some people in the middle east? Hard to believe, i know!

Anyways we started singing ´Happy Birthday´too, first the guy from Iceland gave a sppech, then Pablo (Slating Lonely Planet the whole time) then me, my speeches were quite popular (i gave 3), i was beginning to think i had a talent for it, but being drunk you might think you have a talent for anything, love making to driving included (but not on this occasion)

I remember at one point (i gave my speeches to both tables, i like to share) saying ´And americans are humans too´ of course i was lying...

One chick (from the other table) said ´I dont understand what your saying´, i remember saying ´What are you doing next friday night?´ It is handy being bisexual, isn´t it?

I got laughs, Lisa from Seattle said ´I dont know what you were saying to the other table, but i know it wasn´t good.

I got laughs ok?

Noboday told us next day that we ruined their birthday party, we cleared the whole table, no one joined us for a laugh. Whats the world coming to?

Our guide disapeared, he said he didn´t want to start fighting. He said he might kill them all, if you have Ninja skills, you have to be careful.

When we go to Machu Pichu, the table next to us was most of the table that we heckled ´Of all the bars in all the world´ came to mind.

Marcello from Sau Palo sid it was a great night and he should know, he remembered everything.

He said all you need to have fun is an Irish guy in the group, maybe i will come full circle one day and meditating in a cave for months on end will be the new ´Fun´ thing to do, but dont hold your breath kids :) !!!

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