Saturday, 27 June 2009

A vision from France before trecking, not bad at all

So i went on the Choquequirao treck. Julie from France told me to knock on her door before leaving, i left at 5.15 am, i didn´t knock, but she came out looking for me in a very ravishing red little nightie (what would you expect from a hot french 24 year old?), i´m not sure if i could have had a similar effect on another human being and we went our seperate ways.

I will never forget it :)

Julie told me i might ´Find a hot chick on the trip´ and all that stuff, making delcate love, i did spend enough time in French bars to pick up a word or 2 and French is the language of love, or so i´m told, but instead i´m trecking with an overweight English guy called Craig (who doesnt mind people snoring, (i will wait before same sex marriage is legalised before dong anythng there)

Life is very good, it always was, we climbed the mountain to see the Choquequirao ruins made by the Incas that abandoned the Ollantaytambo runs in the sacred valley when the Spanish came in 1532 (felt like a stalker 487 years too late.

Better late than never and no one said that last night and i´m not expecting it tonight either!!

Expect nothing and you will get everything.

Julie told me she wasn´t romantic, i told her i was, she told me i wasn´t, i told her i say ´Thank you´ after sex, she laughed. I gave her other reasons (some good) She was still laughing, she said should have stopped after the first one. I stopped.

Better late than never.

This is not the end, this is the end.

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