Thursday, 11 June 2009

When the student is ready, the teacher appears

Today, my cousin and I found out that when a girl puts a flower in the right side of her hair, it means she's available. The bigger the flower, the more available she is. My eleven year old boy cousin told me to "cut down a palm tree and put it in my hair". FML

Today, I witnessed a horrible car accident and was interviewed by the local news. During the interview I said, "It was terrible. It was like watching a silent movie... but there was sound!" The interview has been aired 6 times. FML

So tomorrow i disappear from my life as a sometimes (from 3.30-5.50 pm) volunteer teacher in Areuquipa, will the students also disappear? Teacher Louise left today, so it´s all up to me (can you hear this Kieran!), one more day to go.

Colca canyon tour market

I hope i will rise to the challenge, instead of going out for another BIG one and missing school, since i dont have to worry about ay letters going home to the mammy (home is where the head rests), this comes as a relif to me.

I met the crazy Peruvian chick Louise was going on about in the Point hostel, i was expecting that they would have the respect and decency to throw us out, but since the crazy chick runs the place, it was no problem for us to party on and play pool and her punching some drunk english guy every 15 minutes, it would have been funny if i had not actually witnessed it myself:)

I left the point hostel around a sunny 10 am or so, but before i left she told me i was gay, i offered to prove her wrong, then she told me i was bisexual (so many words to describe me, i was half flattered) due to my scarf (it has become my standard uniform) i think it looks quite becoming on me (someone has to do it) my taste in fashion and life in general has improved, it doesn´t bother me either way (is that a clue?)

I told the crazy chick i was disappointed i wasn´t gay, i think she was looking for a differnt reaction?

Now i´m wondering how i´d look strutting my stuff in the Sydney mardi gras, girls might scream ´I could convert him´ and i´d be like ´I´m not converting back, fuck off bitches!!!´ And i´d throw my scarf over my right shoulder and laugh (high pitched) and strutt my stuff (with my bronz ab´s glistening in the sun)

Oh how fabelous it would be to be the toast of the town!!!!

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