Thursday, 23 July 2009


Boy, Michael Jackson sure could move what his mamma gave him (besides a beating), but i wonder if he liked chicked as much as me?

Monday, 20 July 2009

Today i went to a gallery full of wierd and wonderful things, they gave me a ´Free to a good home sign´, welcome to my life in art.

............I just feel really good to be part of ´The scene´

They like blowing whistles here, especially at night time, i guess it makes them feel important. I sometimes blow my own trumpet, is it a musical thing or is it a blowing thing?

Maybe the answer is blowing in the wind (and not the kind of wind i was expelling today), i am SO STRICT, just like a teacher (except i dont make those jokes anymore, now that i´ve actually seen whats envolved, it´s like Tyson sparring with a 5 year old, and he´s still not learning any english) It would make you think what their mother tongue is (or was, if they are orphans, which they are not, and i wanted to teach kids that were orphans i know it sounds more noble)

Back to whistles, you get a job, you get respect, you can make life difficult for someone else (do you see where this is going, dont say school teachers!!!)

Blow the whistle not the speakers (and everyone think´s your doing a great job.)

Could all this ´blow´ talk be drug related?

9 o´Clock and all´s well, they blow their whistles to remind people to do more blow, or are they selling the stuff (it would be handy :))

I know it doesn´t look like much, but i think i could get back to Oz on this baby

Sunday, 19 July 2009

So where are all the mad rappers at? It´s like a jungle here in this habitat.

He´s a happy fellow

So protest or no protest, I know this coz i is on da bus, i feel like Eminem in some way´s ´Have you ever be protested or demonstrated against..´, but not in that way. It´s nothing (the protestors) until it takes you 56 hours (i met a girl that had this expeience) to get from Lima to Cusco and the old guy next to you freaks out if you stick you head out the window (hey, it´s my head and i´ll do what i want with it, ok)

I think all they need is a plogh and plough through the demonstrating fuckers, demonstrating for their human rights! Dont they know people like me need to get to lima for all sorts of reasons (and we like sticking our heads out the window as we go?)

Carlota and myself

All the government is doing is taking their water off of them, maybe they should start drinking more beer?

I´ve told them time and time again, democracy does not work!!!!

So the protest is set again for the 8th, it´s now the 6th, so it should be all plain sailing (yeah thats what the capitan of the Titanic said)

I wonder if i will have any steamy window scenes like Kate Winslet (i hope so), i want to be this young forever (or be as flexable). But there is a wrinkly
old man next to me and they wouldn´t give me those odds in Vegas.

But one good thing from the demonstrations is i went to Pisac and did Ahyuasca, fuckin excellent, ate the food drank the wine, everybody having a good time, except you, you were talking about the end of the world

Sheena and I (that is how you say it in the queens english)

Er....thanks Bono (you tax evading fucker, the Dutch can have you, their country was pratically built on Tulips and slave trading anyways!!!)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

You know it´s sad but true...........

A strange American guy told me i was too gentle for this world and that´s why i turn to drink (and other stuff)

I´m just as much confused ae you are?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Germany, i´m sorry, your not as bad as i thought you were, and what do i know, i´m just some guy?

So i went out walking, in Cusco, and i was thinking of doing a tour, a cycling one and i ended up booking a tour a rafting one, i heard it was good (rafting) so with no questions asked (questions always fuck things up, dont ask me why) i forked out the money and came back next morning and we were off.

So when i signed up there were only 3 Isreali´s on the list and i thought ´3 isnt too bad´, but as it turned out we had 12 others, some strict religious ones in toe, this was a bit much, they had their own VIP club at meal times

On my raft, i got landed with 3 lazy and useless chicks out of the army. One of them said that the army helped them be more organised and gave them discipline (i nearly collapsed laughing) and yaddy yadda yeah, yeah right!

It took them over an hour to get out of bed and they were the lazyiest bunch of useless people i have ever met.

Our raft capsized because people couldn´t have been bothered paddeling, i ended up telling a chick too busy singing hebrew songs all she need to do was paddle and shut the fuck up.

Raft capsizing happens all the time, people die all the time on that river too, i told 2 of the girls if they wanted to go swimming, i was going to throw them in.

So later that night out in Cusco, i met some crew and we were partying, one of the places we ended up going was the Isreali club and i haven´t been to a club where if you say hello, people either walk away or get really defencive?

So the next night, i´m out again and where does the crew go back to????

I start to think i´m in some kind of Stephen King dream sequence, a very bad dream indeeed.

Athlone travellers, with subtitles

But i had to laugh, i told Ali (the Irish guy) on the trip that i paid 50 Soles less than everyone and it drove them all mad (i knew it would), oh how i laughed!!

So anyways i was teling people i was dying to talk to a German and everything i said about them in the past i take back (i would still buy a car off of them) :)

Germany, your not that bad, i`m sorry, i hope we can still be friends?

I have decided not to talk to anyone more stupider than me, i feel a change

Went out for a walk, this is what i could see, see, see

This is how the night ended, at a house party all the way across town, very strange

Monday, 13 July 2009

A Kerryman told me i´m like David Norris, and he´s the posh version?

A posh version of me?

I remember my old man seeing David Norris on the TV and he turned the channel, i´m starting to like this ¨David Norris´fellow.

I know he´s a huge Oscar Wilde fan, so he can´t be that bad? I wonder does he take mountains of drugs and the like?

The guy that informed me of this similarity happens to be from Kerry, i dont know if he is just pissed off with Cork beating Kerry 2 weeks ago in the replay and now he´s slinging any dirt he can in Cork´s direction (and some of it is finding it´s way to Peru)

Either way, i dont car, i some ways i feel pissed off i´m not gay, has my fashion ´Sense´ improved readers?

I am wearing cleaner clothes and getting laid (by chicks) isn´t too much of a problem.

Am i really, a not so posh version of a celebrated Irish gay Senator? I dont know where the ´Celebrated´ bit comes in and i´ve checked my cock size, i´m not from Korea or Vietnam and thanks to my UK credit card, i live a life of leisure (thanks England)

So whats the problem?

David Norris - Dublin Pride 2007

Davis Norris is always, well gay, jolly, Amicable, so i´ve no problem with him (he might be a bit fat, but you need a big hammer to drive a big nail, but not too big, or else you´ll break that nail.

To sum it al up, if it feels good do it

(lock up all your mothers!!)

Friday, 10 July 2009

The Queen had one way of settling all difficulties, great or small. "Off with his head!" she said without even looking around.

The title is from Lewis Caroll

Videos are from the Ahyuasca ceremony 02/07/09

This is the only video from the San Pedro ceramony

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

San Pedro by mistake? I think San Pedro found me.

27th of June 2009

The videos are from the Ahyausca ceremony on the 2nd of July

Met with my Shaeman Torongo to do Ahyasca around 5pm and we set off for the temple that is 15 minutes from the village, so after sitting inside for a few hours and waiting for the dog (Oso, means Panda in Spanish) to stop barking, we took the first batch of the medicne (about a half a litre of San Pedro)

It was funny and maybe a bit strange that he called the bottle in front of him ´San Pedrito´, i was thinking ´But this supposed to be Ahyuasca´

As it turns out, when i asked him about San Pedro the previous day he thought i wanted San Pedro, not so, but, no matter, I´ll take anything, even abuse, i meant Ahyasca, he thought i meant San Pedro :)

Which is funny in itself, i think San Pedro found me, i didn´t go looking for it and it was better i too San Pedro, Ahyasca kicks you ass, you need to Detox more for it, if you´ve been partying more, i was partying for 2 months.

The San Pedro took ages to kick in and then i took i some more. The temple he has, has a toilet, very convenient indeed and it´s true, a sort of convenient truth, dont yea think?

After a while we went out to look at the stars, and it was back into the temple for more singing, there was a lot of singing one of the jams went on for about half an hour. But i didn´t know any songs to sing. I might have scared off (some) of the spirits with a bit of Garth Brooks, i left the singing to Torongo.

At one point i could hear the crystal in my hand resonate as the Shaeman was singing, that was incredible!!!

We didn´t need to talk, it felt like the more you tried to described anything the less it meant.

Torongo was telling me you didn´t need to read books, all you need to do is read him, i totally understood, there is no one (hopefully) like you in the world.

I told him my life is a series of moments, none of them ordinary and at the end, that´s my life, he understod this too.

He told me 2 days later he used 4 San Pedro Cactus and when he was chopping and boling them (with Charcoal) he was singing to them i believe hime too.

It felt like there was lots of people around me all night and i was having interactions/conversations with some girl next to me (or just behind me)

And then came the ´Bad thoughts´ of naked chicks, this would explain the strange look i got off of Torongo at one point.

When i went to lie down (sleep) lots of promotors were coming up to me asking me if they used the temple for a club/strip club and i was like ´Sorry man, this is a temple´ you cant.

When it was all over i couldn´t believe i was the only one in there, it felt like lots of people were there.

God, if you want to call it that is in everyone and there is only you and the pacha mamma and there is nothing else, well worth the $100, i got 3 dosages of the medicine.

Great Shaeman, good medicine, good location and very professional.

It was as good as Ahyasca, but San Pedro is more grounding you with Mother Nature (Pacha mamma) and holding that crystal felt so good, i remember telling
Torongo it was like holding the heart of of the world, it was an amazing spirutal experience.

I ended up buying the crystal off of Torongo, the world is MINE!!!

All in all, i had a great time, he left at 6am, 13hrs later, i left at 1.30pm in the afternoon, so surreal with everyone saying ´Good afternoon´ to me.

It would be interesting to find out who that girl i was talking to was, i´m sure it was some other side of me, very cool indeed!

One of the lessons from the first Ahyasca session was to connect with my female side, maybe something is clicking there?

Monday, 6 July 2009

I don't know, I'm not in shape yet.

The title is in reference to Yogi Bear (When asked what size cap he wanted.)

Tulassi the Shaeman

So it´s time to leave Pisac, i have no money (except for the colored Canadian, hoser money), i gave some of this funny Canadian money to a guy and he gave me an excellent pizza and a bottle of wine in return (he was all out of magic beans)

Beans would have been excellent!!!!

I once auctioned Magic beans on Facebook, heres the reply
Goodday to you Seller, I want to know if this particular Item is still avaliable for sell, If yes then i will like to buy it from you and you should he me send it to me sister In california. She is handicap, so i will like the item to be ship to her door step. Please calculate the shipping cost and add it to your Item fee. I will pay for it as well. Kindly send An email to my personal ID

I have to laugh :)

I was probably saying something interesting, probably, not

Anyways, 12 Daze of eating, sleeping, drinking good wine and watching DVD´s non stop, the (lack of) money is teling me to go (i got no more $$$$) and Lima will be hte nest best thing, the future awaits and i dont intend in being late (or latte, i lite those too!!)

My girl from NY, Whats up New York!!!


And Rio, i cant wait, you´ll either kill me, beat me or drive me crazy

But will there be a happy ending? I´m hoping so Rio, do you hear me!!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

I got love for you if you were born in the 80´s

I´ve began to notice that all the email addresses people give me (maybe they want to meet me again, i dont know?) have 80 something in them. Can this be real coz i feel fake, Oprah Winfrey and Ricky Lake telling me things that i dont need to know (not sure how that relates, but it came into my head, and now you know what i know, which isn´t much, so dont tell anyone!)

Has the younger generation come along? Where are the people my age, am i getting old. Coz if i am, no one told me and the body didn´t drop any hints either, coz i´m feeling pretty good, everything is good in the hood and it seems like my generation (talking about my generation have gone home to settle down and start making little boys and girls, is there a reciepy you should folow?

The mother has a reciepy for soda bread and it is sooo fuckin good!!!!

Anyways i feel like i´m getting younger and since i dont have to go to a place called school (i wouldn´t let a dog go there) it´s the best of both worlds (as far as i´m concerned)

So, childeren of the 80´s stay where you are, i´m going to count to 20 and start looking for the children of the 70´s.

It´s obiously a game of hide and seek and no ones bothered to tell me.

Ok lets start, i´m going to get yea!!!!



I got love for you if you were born in the 90´s (90 + 91 to be exact), 80´s, 70´s and 60´s (should i stop there?)

Friday, 3 July 2009

I dont believe in god, but i miss him

Videos are from the Choquequirao treck

Since i´ve been meeting so many people, i´m kinda looking forward to going back to Melbourne and having a group of friends that i can rely on, i have a few alresdy, some are in Brizvegas, i will have to go there too, maybe they might come and see me, i might have to invite them, well it´s a good start!!!

I´ve been having a laugh going to mushroom bar, the DJ is great, it goes from the doors to some rock or mowtown and then house and electro, he played one of my favourite tracks yesterday, the lyrics are ´Where you at boy, you think your all that...´ I sure do, i sure do!!!

My life is not fucked and i do give a shit (unless i´m in a ´I dont give a shit mood´, but what would you expect from me?)

Today, I worked in the Emergency Room. A patient came in and the diagnosis was "private area caught in zipper". All of my co workers and I were cracking jokes in regards to what happened. I walked into the room the patient is only to find my dad crying in pain. FML

Today, I was riding my bike on the side of the road because there was no sidewalk. Then a car with a loud horn honked at me. Pissed off, I turned around and screamed "shut the fuck up!" It was my girlfriend's parents saying hi. FML

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I´ve got a confession to make.....

and since i´ve been telling everyone, i´ll tell you too

I love the site and i thought i wouldn´t but the stories are so short and everyone is a cracker. They all seem to be from the US, which would indicate that everything is hunky dorey outside the US.

Today, my dog ate my little brothers medication. I spent all morning trying to make him throw it up, but it wasn't working so I took him to the animal hospital, which was in a different city. $150 in poison control and vet bills later, I found the pill we thought he ate stuck under his paw. FML

Today, I found out my girlfriend is pregnant and then decided to break up with her. Why? We're lesbians. FML

God bless the land (Venezuela too) outside the US, and god bless the day it was made (let´s presume it was a Wednesday afternoon, not a bad days work, i wonder if god used any donkeys, go i love those guys, Llamas too, then little animals called Sneachta, there´s a fair bit of Sneachta in Cusco too with fine daze, everyone complains of the cold here, but it´s heaven to me, every day is great, my only problem is finding the time for all the massages, one every day.....please!!)

Since Tulassi (my last Shaeman) is not in Arin (i was a bit slow going) i was a bit busy having a good time and i still am. I want to try some more cool places to hang out and maybe watch a movie at ´Yerba Buena´ (bar in San blas, Cusco).

It sounds good, i haven´t been yet, i will go tomorrow, after all, it´s around the corner!!

Today, my mom had a talk with me while my dad was out. She said to stop using her lotion for my masturbation sessions. I asked her how long did she know. She replied with, "Ever since we put up that camera in the living room for burglars, where you happen to watch your porn." FML

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Moon and Sixpence

Videos are from the Choquequirao treck

I read this in Paddys Irish bar in Cusco, and it made so much sense to me, it´s from The Moon and Sixpence

I have an idea that some men are born out of their due place. Accident has cast them amid certain surroundings, but they have always a nostalgia for a home they know not. They are strangers in their birthplace, and the leafy lanes they have known from childhood or the populous streets in which they have played, remain but a place of passage.

They may spend their whole lives aliens among their kindred and remain aloof among the only scenes they have ever known. Perhaps it is this sense of strangeness that sends men far and wide in the search for something permanent, to which they may attach themselves. Perhaps some deeprooted atavism urges the wanderer back to lands which his ancestors left in the dim beginnings of history.

Sometimes a man hits upon a place to which he mysteriously feels that he belongs. Here is the home he sought, and he will settle amid scenes that he has never seen before, among men he has never known, as though they were familiar to him from his birth. Here at last he finds rest.

Makes sense to me...

They like blowing whistles here, especially at night time, i guess it makes them feel important. I sometimes blow my own trumpet, is it a musical thing or is it a blowing thing? Maybe the answer is blowing in the wind (and not the kind of wind i was expelling today, i am SO STRICT (just like a teacher (except i dont make those jokes anymore, now that i´ve actually seen whats envolved (it´s like Tyson sparring with a 5 year old, and he´s still not learning any english) It would make you think what their mother tongue is (or was, if they are orphans, which they are not)

Back to whistles, you get a job, you get respect, you can make life difficult for someone else (do you see where this is going, dont say school teachers)

Blow the whistle not the speakers (and everyone think´s your doing a great job.

Could all this ´blow´ talk be drug related?

9 o´Clock and all´s well, they blow their whistles to remind people to do more blow, or are they selling the stuff, it would be handy :)
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