Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Germany, i´m sorry, your not as bad as i thought you were, and what do i know, i´m just some guy?

So i went out walking, in Cusco, and i was thinking of doing a tour, a cycling one and i ended up booking a tour a rafting one, i heard it was good (rafting) so with no questions asked (questions always fuck things up, dont ask me why) i forked out the money and came back next morning and we were off.

So when i signed up there were only 3 Isreali´s on the list and i thought ´3 isnt too bad´, but as it turned out we had 12 others, some strict religious ones in toe, this was a bit much, they had their own VIP club at meal times

On my raft, i got landed with 3 lazy and useless chicks out of the army. One of them said that the army helped them be more organised and gave them discipline (i nearly collapsed laughing) and yaddy yadda yeah, yeah right!

It took them over an hour to get out of bed and they were the lazyiest bunch of useless people i have ever met.

Our raft capsized because people couldn´t have been bothered paddeling, i ended up telling a chick too busy singing hebrew songs all she need to do was paddle and shut the fuck up.

Raft capsizing happens all the time, people die all the time on that river too, i told 2 of the girls if they wanted to go swimming, i was going to throw them in.

So later that night out in Cusco, i met some crew and we were partying, one of the places we ended up going was the Isreali club and i haven´t been to a club where if you say hello, people either walk away or get really defencive?

So the next night, i´m out again and where does the crew go back to????

I start to think i´m in some kind of Stephen King dream sequence, a very bad dream indeeed.

Athlone travellers, with subtitles

But i had to laugh, i told Ali (the Irish guy) on the trip that i paid 50 Soles less than everyone and it drove them all mad (i knew it would), oh how i laughed!!

So anyways i was teling people i was dying to talk to a German and everything i said about them in the past i take back (i would still buy a car off of them) :)

Germany, your not that bad, i`m sorry, i hope we can still be friends?

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