Monday, 6 July 2009

I don't know, I'm not in shape yet.

The title is in reference to Yogi Bear (When asked what size cap he wanted.)

Tulassi the Shaeman

So it´s time to leave Pisac, i have no money (except for the colored Canadian, hoser money), i gave some of this funny Canadian money to a guy and he gave me an excellent pizza and a bottle of wine in return (he was all out of magic beans)

Beans would have been excellent!!!!

I once auctioned Magic beans on Facebook, heres the reply
Goodday to you Seller, I want to know if this particular Item is still avaliable for sell, If yes then i will like to buy it from you and you should he me send it to me sister In california. She is handicap, so i will like the item to be ship to her door step. Please calculate the shipping cost and add it to your Item fee. I will pay for it as well. Kindly send An email to my personal ID

I have to laugh :)

I was probably saying something interesting, probably, not

Anyways, 12 Daze of eating, sleeping, drinking good wine and watching DVD´s non stop, the (lack of) money is teling me to go (i got no more $$$$) and Lima will be hte nest best thing, the future awaits and i dont intend in being late (or latte, i lite those too!!)

My girl from NY, Whats up New York!!!


And Rio, i cant wait, you´ll either kill me, beat me or drive me crazy

But will there be a happy ending? I´m hoping so Rio, do you hear me!!

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beth said...

Nice blog. Enjoyed going through your blog. keep it up the good work you will be in good shape soon.

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