Thursday, 2 July 2009

I´ve got a confession to make.....

and since i´ve been telling everyone, i´ll tell you too

I love the site and i thought i wouldn´t but the stories are so short and everyone is a cracker. They all seem to be from the US, which would indicate that everything is hunky dorey outside the US.

Today, my dog ate my little brothers medication. I spent all morning trying to make him throw it up, but it wasn't working so I took him to the animal hospital, which was in a different city. $150 in poison control and vet bills later, I found the pill we thought he ate stuck under his paw. FML

Today, I found out my girlfriend is pregnant and then decided to break up with her. Why? We're lesbians. FML

God bless the land (Venezuela too) outside the US, and god bless the day it was made (let´s presume it was a Wednesday afternoon, not a bad days work, i wonder if god used any donkeys, go i love those guys, Llamas too, then little animals called Sneachta, there´s a fair bit of Sneachta in Cusco too with fine daze, everyone complains of the cold here, but it´s heaven to me, every day is great, my only problem is finding the time for all the massages, one every day.....please!!)

Since Tulassi (my last Shaeman) is not in Arin (i was a bit slow going) i was a bit busy having a good time and i still am. I want to try some more cool places to hang out and maybe watch a movie at ´Yerba Buena´ (bar in San blas, Cusco).

It sounds good, i haven´t been yet, i will go tomorrow, after all, it´s around the corner!!

Today, my mom had a talk with me while my dad was out. She said to stop using her lotion for my masturbation sessions. I asked her how long did she know. She replied with, "Ever since we put up that camera in the living room for burglars, where you happen to watch your porn." FML

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