Monday, 13 July 2009

A Kerryman told me i´m like David Norris, and he´s the posh version?

A posh version of me?

I remember my old man seeing David Norris on the TV and he turned the channel, i´m starting to like this ¨David Norris´fellow.

I know he´s a huge Oscar Wilde fan, so he can´t be that bad? I wonder does he take mountains of drugs and the like?

The guy that informed me of this similarity happens to be from Kerry, i dont know if he is just pissed off with Cork beating Kerry 2 weeks ago in the replay and now he´s slinging any dirt he can in Cork´s direction (and some of it is finding it´s way to Peru)

Either way, i dont car, i some ways i feel pissed off i´m not gay, has my fashion ´Sense´ improved readers?

I am wearing cleaner clothes and getting laid (by chicks) isn´t too much of a problem.

Am i really, a not so posh version of a celebrated Irish gay Senator? I dont know where the ´Celebrated´ bit comes in and i´ve checked my cock size, i´m not from Korea or Vietnam and thanks to my UK credit card, i live a life of leisure (thanks England)

So whats the problem?

David Norris - Dublin Pride 2007

Davis Norris is always, well gay, jolly, Amicable, so i´ve no problem with him (he might be a bit fat, but you need a big hammer to drive a big nail, but not too big, or else you´ll break that nail.

To sum it al up, if it feels good do it

(lock up all your mothers!!)

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