Tuesday, 7 July 2009

San Pedro by mistake? I think San Pedro found me.

27th of June 2009

The videos are from the Ahyausca ceremony on the 2nd of July

Met with my Shaeman Torongo to do Ahyasca around 5pm and we set off for the temple that is 15 minutes from the village, so after sitting inside for a few hours and waiting for the dog (Oso, means Panda in Spanish) to stop barking, we took the first batch of the medicne (about a half a litre of San Pedro)

It was funny and maybe a bit strange that he called the bottle in front of him ´San Pedrito´, i was thinking ´But this supposed to be Ahyuasca´

As it turns out, when i asked him about San Pedro the previous day he thought i wanted San Pedro, not so, but, no matter, I´ll take anything, even abuse, i meant Ahyasca, he thought i meant San Pedro :)

Which is funny in itself, i think San Pedro found me, i didn´t go looking for it and it was better i too San Pedro, Ahyasca kicks you ass, you need to Detox more for it, if you´ve been partying more, i was partying for 2 months.

The San Pedro took ages to kick in and then i took i some more. The temple he has, has a toilet, very convenient indeed and it´s true, a sort of convenient truth, dont yea think?

After a while we went out to look at the stars, and it was back into the temple for more singing, there was a lot of singing one of the jams went on for about half an hour. But i didn´t know any songs to sing. I might have scared off (some) of the spirits with a bit of Garth Brooks, i left the singing to Torongo.

At one point i could hear the crystal in my hand resonate as the Shaeman was singing, that was incredible!!!

We didn´t need to talk, it felt like the more you tried to described anything the less it meant.

Torongo was telling me you didn´t need to read books, all you need to do is read him, i totally understood, there is no one (hopefully) like you in the world.

I told him my life is a series of moments, none of them ordinary and at the end, that´s my life, he understod this too.

He told me 2 days later he used 4 San Pedro Cactus and when he was chopping and boling them (with Charcoal) he was singing to them i believe hime too.

It felt like there was lots of people around me all night and i was having interactions/conversations with some girl next to me (or just behind me)

And then came the ´Bad thoughts´ of naked chicks, this would explain the strange look i got off of Torongo at one point.

When i went to lie down (sleep) lots of promotors were coming up to me asking me if they used the temple for a club/strip club and i was like ´Sorry man, this is a temple´ you cant.

When it was all over i couldn´t believe i was the only one in there, it felt like lots of people were there.

God, if you want to call it that is in everyone and there is only you and the pacha mamma and there is nothing else, well worth the $100, i got 3 dosages of the medicine.

Great Shaeman, good medicine, good location and very professional.

It was as good as Ahyasca, but San Pedro is more grounding you with Mother Nature (Pacha mamma) and holding that crystal felt so good, i remember telling
Torongo it was like holding the heart of of the world, it was an amazing spirutal experience.

I ended up buying the crystal off of Torongo, the world is MINE!!!

All in all, i had a great time, he left at 6am, 13hrs later, i left at 1.30pm in the afternoon, so surreal with everyone saying ´Good afternoon´ to me.

It would be interesting to find out who that girl i was talking to was, i´m sure it was some other side of me, very cool indeed!

One of the lessons from the first Ahyasca session was to connect with my female side, maybe something is clicking there?

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