Sunday, 19 July 2009

So where are all the mad rappers at? It´s like a jungle here in this habitat.

He´s a happy fellow

So protest or no protest, I know this coz i is on da bus, i feel like Eminem in some way´s ´Have you ever be protested or demonstrated against..´, but not in that way. It´s nothing (the protestors) until it takes you 56 hours (i met a girl that had this expeience) to get from Lima to Cusco and the old guy next to you freaks out if you stick you head out the window (hey, it´s my head and i´ll do what i want with it, ok)

I think all they need is a plogh and plough through the demonstrating fuckers, demonstrating for their human rights! Dont they know people like me need to get to lima for all sorts of reasons (and we like sticking our heads out the window as we go?)

Carlota and myself

All the government is doing is taking their water off of them, maybe they should start drinking more beer?

I´ve told them time and time again, democracy does not work!!!!

So the protest is set again for the 8th, it´s now the 6th, so it should be all plain sailing (yeah thats what the capitan of the Titanic said)

I wonder if i will have any steamy window scenes like Kate Winslet (i hope so), i want to be this young forever (or be as flexable). But there is a wrinkly
old man next to me and they wouldn´t give me those odds in Vegas.

But one good thing from the demonstrations is i went to Pisac and did Ahyuasca, fuckin excellent, ate the food drank the wine, everybody having a good time, except you, you were talking about the end of the world

Sheena and I (that is how you say it in the queens english)

Er....thanks Bono (you tax evading fucker, the Dutch can have you, their country was pratically built on Tulips and slave trading anyways!!!)

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