Monday, 20 July 2009

Today i went to a gallery full of wierd and wonderful things, they gave me a ´Free to a good home sign´, welcome to my life in art.

............I just feel really good to be part of ´The scene´

They like blowing whistles here, especially at night time, i guess it makes them feel important. I sometimes blow my own trumpet, is it a musical thing or is it a blowing thing?

Maybe the answer is blowing in the wind (and not the kind of wind i was expelling today), i am SO STRICT, just like a teacher (except i dont make those jokes anymore, now that i´ve actually seen whats envolved, it´s like Tyson sparring with a 5 year old, and he´s still not learning any english) It would make you think what their mother tongue is (or was, if they are orphans, which they are not, and i wanted to teach kids that were orphans i know it sounds more noble)

Back to whistles, you get a job, you get respect, you can make life difficult for someone else (do you see where this is going, dont say school teachers!!!)

Blow the whistle not the speakers (and everyone think´s your doing a great job.)

Could all this ´blow´ talk be drug related?

9 o´Clock and all´s well, they blow their whistles to remind people to do more blow, or are they selling the stuff (it would be handy :))

I know it doesn´t look like much, but i think i could get back to Oz on this baby

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Diana said...

Kieran you maniac, could you please read that first paragraph and count how many times you use parentheses (and don't close them!!!).

Finish your thoughts that interrupt your other thoughts! I can't keep up with your first madman thought, and then you go and interrupt THAT with an even more insane thought that I don't follow. You're exhausting! I read your blog and I really have no idea of what the hell you're doing (although I assume a lot of terrorizing).

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