Monday, 31 August 2009

Oh yeah, i went on a registered tour with someone that wasn´t a crack head

Someone´s been making sand castles again!!!

Christ the redeemer

As you know it has always been my dream to come to Rio and see the Jesus statue (people call him the redeemer), but i still call him..... well i dont know, i just look up, so anyways there was a ´Tour´ and it brought me to all the main sights

Sugar loaf mountain

I went here myself, Copacabana beach

We went to the hall of fame to see all the famous foot prints

And some less known footprints

Where the Carnival parade happens, at carnival time....funnily enough

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Strange party, with strange people

The title is a Brazilian saying

Anti smoking in Brazil, if you smole your cock will go soft and err.... well you know!!

So, i met couchsurfer Gabriella, in the Irish pub in Lapa, eventually after walking all over the place, it was so near from the hostel.

Met Colin (from Tyrone) having outside the hostel, and joined the Lapa party, one of the street crazies kept rubbing his hair, the previous week the crazy grabbed some American guys dick and dragged him up the street, i doubt he had much choise in the matter?

Met Daniella, some guy from england that wasn´t the ´Full bob´, Damo bought a football and the English guy asked him why he bought it.

Damo replies, ´I wanted to put it in a bucket, puss in the bucket and watch the ball spin around´, i have to laugh.

Afterwards when i would see Damo with a toothbrush i would say ´Damo, why did you buy a tooth brush?´, to brush his pubes i guess?

Went to a football game, Flamingo V Athletico, 1 - 0 (to Flamingo), it was funny Flamingo had a really good forward that was really lazy (or just couldn´t run and didn´t) and walked, but set up the goal.

Went on an Inner city (unoffical tour) in something like the movie ´City of gods´, women holding babies smoking craic? Dont talk to me, i have seen it all, and a second time with Colin.

My favourite American, Jen

One night i went out met a chick and ended up in a favella on a Saturday morning, i bought some teens with machine guns a 2 litre bottle of soft drink, i went over with a local guy (a midget), they wanted beer, but it was all cool and they were very interested in my tattoos, an interesting start to a Saturday morning.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Some notes on Rio (the arrival)

Colin, Daniella and meself

Quote from Yogi Bear
´The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase.´

Got the airport in Lima to be told that i would need a return ticket, Brazil and Argentina are the only countries to demand this and they did and i handed over the ´Magic credit card´ and ´Thy will be done´ and i was off.

I was hoping to see Rio from the air as we flew i wasn´t, i took one of the magic Diazapan and i was out like a light, which would explain why all the stewardess were hovering over me in an empty plane, in a place called Rio.

I was there, so anyways as you can probably guess, i´m a bit of a heavy sleeper.

So after looking for ´Trip hostel´, i settled on ´Rio hostel´, only because i could see it, so i stayed in for the first few nights, Roy from Australia was making some excellent cocktails and who am i to say no, no?

So one of the first outings, i went to a costume party with Roy and his wife, had a blast, the women there that were single mums looked amazing, great night, the Swiss chick i was hanging out with was a bit intimidated by the hot dressed up chicks and didn´t come in, but we drank on the street for a bit.... a bit of a haze.

We got a taxi back, i went to see the Lapa action, it had been raining hard, but i ended up talking to a transsexual for a bit and then i said, look i´m going to talk to her and he was like ´Thats a boy´ and i pointed ´Thats a guy, fuckin hell´, the trans sexual is going ´Dont point you will get punched´, in Spanish + Portuguese and this goes on for a bit.

Dakar, the man is a fuckin amazing

It would appear if you see a chick and the body is too good to be believed, it´s a guy, sad but true.

Women dont have bodies that good, no way!!!

I was telling Daniella and Colin if you were having sex with someone that looked like that and you realised it as a guy, you wouldn´t care, they seemed to find it funny?

Thursday, 27 August 2009

He think´s he´s the last cold Coca Cola of the summer

The title is a Brazilian sayingIn Australia, you would say ´He´s got tickets on himself´, or in plain old english ´Someone who thinks they are really hot´

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

´In Brazil, we kill a lion a day´ and hang gliding over Rio

Pracilla was telling me how flexable companies and employees are in Brazil, you want it, you got it, and i´ll wash the windows too!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Put beer to me as you put horsefood to a horse

Pracilla and myself were in a really cool bar and one of the guys doing the rhythem for the forró

Sugar loaf mountain

Kids on the Bungie tram up to Santa Theresa, really cool

The fort in Copacabana beach

Going hang gliding

Monday, 24 August 2009

First week in Rio and there was more to come!!!!!

Videos are from Brazil

Another message i got from Olaf, i love his messages
hello my friend,
after long time a sign of my life.
how are yopu and what is happend?
i am okay.
after 3 weeks sfo,i am now on alaska,i try to hitsch.
the lokaltransport very expensiv and all other things also.
take caer,you germanyfriend olaf

Girls from Cork on Sugar loaf mountain

I´ve been redeemed!!!

Cathedral in the Centre of Rio

Lets get high

Sunday, 23 August 2009

A letter from Olaf

I love getting messages from my German friend Olaf who i met in the Gallapagos, he is very funny

hello friends,
after long,long time now a sigh of my life.
yes i still life.
i hop everbody is okay and enjoy the life.
the life can take hard but also so nice!!!!!!!!(i dont like to complain my life)
i think samebody can remember me,but we meet us when we travel on the whole world,from asia,to neuseeland,suedafrika,suedamerika or zentralamerika.
i travel now almost 15 year and then i meet a lot of diffrent peopel.
how is travel now and where?
mabay i can meet same!
after my 8 months trip last year to asia,i lost my job on germany for this year,i hop only for this year,i have a speziell contrakt,only 4 monhts.
(i hop the next year i can earn money,no moeny no travel)
after my asientrip,i spend only 4 weeks on my homecity and the i left agian.
this year i started from canada on direction suedamerika,but i dont know if i arive there.(no plan)
on this moment i spend 2 weeks on sfo,i like the city after i go to alaska for a wihle.(i have to go befor geting colder)
but canada and the usa,is so expensiv you spend a lot of moeny.(but i know this befor)
what is happed on neuseeland?
what take the dok on tasmanien(mabay i came to visit you next or after next year)
what is happend on japan?
eddi where you been now,still sumatra or australien?
where is the crazy irland guy?
how is teh weater on schweden and how was the musikparty on germany?(pam)
who is maried now and hat many cids?(bo)
okay,now i will finsh this mail,i wish everbody,good lucky and all the best.
enjoy the life and take care. ever agian,sory my teribel english,but i never studi english on the school.(i take and writen my own language)
you friend olaf

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ever been Cock blocked?

Some little muses

Cock blocked

Just when i get the hang of rapping in Spanish, along comes another langauge, lets call it Portuguese, but luckily, if you speak slowely, (easier said than done) they understand and i do, when i´m saying it the second time round.

Cock blocked 2

Babies are way too young to appreciate breastfeeding, it should be just for people 16 and up and there should be a law in some book somewhere, or even on the internet, we could call it ´Kieran´s law´, might need to ring legal aid about this one, i guess when they are finished helping little old ladies being evicted from their houses they might pay me some attention?

Demonstrating with the aid of music, sneaky eh?

I came thisclosetobeingthin
After all my careful dieting in Bolivia and Peru, i re-discover something called food and the pants aren´t as loose as they used to be. Fuck you good food (and good bless you yummie chicken!!)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Lima last daze, China town

Taxi, take me to China town!!!

Michael Jackson

Tattoo progress

Tattoo progress 2

Thursday, 20 August 2009

I want you to be crazy, cos you wont remember me when you are straight

I wrote this before leaving Lima, half my arm was ´Ruined´ as my mother would say

Someone told me about this movie, so watch it fuckers, it´s called ´National velvet´

Lima, Lima where has the time gone? Not backwards i can tell you!!

So the clock is ticking, i fly out Sunday evening, i get to Rio Monday morning, tick, tock, time goes fast so slowley.

Since i´ve been here i´ve been meeting couch surfers most nights and having a blast, the other nights and some of those nights those nights.

It´s simple math (some of the nights + the other nights= All of the nights) having a blast

Saturday, one of the couchsurfers Lucia mentioned she was going to get a tattoo, i wrote back ´Bring me along´ and i ended up getting the Geisha after meeting Lucia for only 30 min, i was getting ink done.

Then Mionday my legs drifted back and i go the black and white (non smoking dragon).

I have 5 more daze and more couchsurfers to see, the appointment book is full, i might need to hire a personal assistant (that can give me happy endings), super happy, fun, lucky happy endings.

Sounds like a collection of short story´s, but whats the point of reading a story when you know the ending?

Going to the electro party tonight, found the China town with the help of Lucia, but couldn´t find her, had a crazy taxi driver (old guy) drive me.

The taxi driver looked like he started last week and he had nothing to lose (he already looked like he lost his mind, i was begining to wonder if he was an escaped loonie driving a taxi for a getaway car, and i just got in :)

When he nearly crashed the 5th time, i gave up counting, i did have my other hand in my pocket (i thought i was going to die!! For fuck´s sake!!!) and i need 2 hands to count to 10!!

That girl i used to know from Canada went to this show in NY, you know the one and she thought i might like the show she saw, lets call the show ´FUERZA BRUTA´ and the girl ´Diana´, and yeah i would have loved it, in fact i think it was playing when i was there, but i never made it, it´s a funny old world :)


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tattoo meanings, and my week in Lima still makes no sense to some, it does to me!!!!

Geisha Tattoo Designs

The Japanese word geisha means ‘person of the arts’ and a true geisha is said to be a living work of art. To the Westerner, she is a figure of mystery and intrigue.
Her white mask-like makeup hides emotions, her traditional black wig is dressed with tinkling bells, and her small body is wrapped tightly in kimonos of breathtaking colour and exquisite design, bound in the middle with the wide sash or obi. In her thonged sandals, her white-socked feet take tiny steps.

In her hand, she holds a fan, the complex and intricate use of which speaks a language of its own. The colour red was also a trademark for the geisha, and kimonos were lined with scarlet silk.

It was believed that red symbolized fertility, and that wearing crimson underwear was essential for healthy reproductive organs. Lipstick -- always red -- was made from crimson flower petals.

then Monday i got the Black and white Dragon

(i wanted the black and white shading, but black and white dragons mean your parents are wise, so maybe they are?), Wednesday i got the bad ass motherfucker Hannya, thats actually.....

Hannya Mask Tattoo -

The hannya mask is just one example of the many different types of masks used by the traditional Japanese actors of Noh theater. Noh performances are very stylized representations of traditional and well known stories, developed in Japan during the 14th century. The masks are used to convey the identity and mood of the various characters, who number nearly eighty in the different tales. The hannya mask is specifically used to represent a vengeful and jealous woman.

Her anger and envy have so consumed her that she has turned into a demon, but with some important traces of humanity left. The pointed horns, gleaming eyes, fang-like teeth, combined with a look of pure resentment and hate are tempered by the expression of suffering around the eyes and the artfully disarrayed strands of hair, which indicate passionate emotion thrown into disorder.

The deeper and more extreme the coloring of the face, the deeper and more violent run the emotions of the character. Tattooing takes full advantage of these fanciful and engaging images, often using them in larger pieces of Japanese work or sometimes juxtaposing masks of good and evil characters. Often a Noh mask will also appear in isolation, as a work of art unto itself, not unlike the actual masks which are highly prized and very collectible

Friday i got the Cherry blossom tree with moon

Cherry Blossom Tattoo
More often than not, when cherry blossoms appear in tattoo artwork, they do not appear alone. That sometimes seems a shame, for two reasons: their appearance and their meaning. The delicate and subtle beauty of these small blossoms is easily overwhelmed by the large and ornate Japanese sleeves, backpieces, and body suits in which they typically float as backdrop elements .

Even so, the centuries old Japanese tattoo tradition from which they spring, and where they are still firmly rooted, has essentially formalized their use in that way. But while their ability to stand alone as design elements may have been circumscribed by custom, their powerful symbolism has taken on a life of its own. As Motoori Norinaga, noted Japanese scholar of the 18th century, wrote in a poem, “If I were asked to define the spirit of Japan, I would call it the blossom of the mountain cherry, scattering its scent in the morning sun.”

For the Japanese, the beautiful period of its flowering and then the all too soon fading and subsequent scattering of petals on the wind, symbolizes life itself - but not life in some abstract and distant sense.
The fragility of the cherry blossom is the fragility of human existence; its brief period of life, like our own; its implacable movement toward death, indifferent to the good things of this world, is the ideal death for a samurai warrior; and finally, its individual and perfect beauty is also ours. Poignant for some but hopeful for others, the symbolism of this staple in tattoo artwork seems almost more than a single flower could bear. However, like powerful tattoo symbols everywhere, it seems to shoulder the burden naturally

Sunday i was having a beer with a chick in another hostel, it was her birthday, i got talking to some people at the bar and then everyone wanted piercings and tattoos, i led the way to Dakar´s shop.

As soon as i saw him i said ´Hey man, you have to finish my arm off´, i didn´t have too much time, he said ´What about a Samurai´, i said no, then he said i know what you want and put together another dragon and i said lets go.

Dragon's Face Tattoo
In the west, it is a greedy, fire-breathing, cave-dwelling, and fear-inspiring creature that jealously guards its hoard of gold. In the east, however, it symbolizes something far different. In fact, Occident and Orient couldn’t be further apart than in their interpretation of one of the most powerful of all mythic creatures and tattoo designs, the dragon.

Although they do not have wings, as in the west, Oriental dragons are equally at home in the air or in the water. In fact, the Chinese imperial dragon was the emblem of the emperor himself, symbolizing his power and authority to intercede between heaven and earth. Like the dragon, the ideal emperor embodied wisdom and strength, manipulating the very forces of the universe for the benefit of the people. Often times in Oriental designs the dragon is seen wielding the pearl of wisdom, essentially the essence of the universe, in order to control the winds, rains, and even the planets.

As early as the Han dynasty (206 B.C.E. – C. E. 220) the phrase “dragon’s pearl” referred to the perfect thoughts and commands of the emperor while “dragon’s face” was used to refer to the emperor’s face. But the face of the oriental dragon is not actually the face of one creature but rather many. The eyes are those of a demon while the ears are those of a cow. Although the neck is that of a snake, the dragon wears the horns of a stag.

Finally, it has the overall head of a camel but with a sort of lump on the top, without which it could not fly. With saliva that was like perfume and a voice like the musical ringing of a copper basin, the Oriental dragon was the bearer of profound blessings. Like other Oriental tattoo designs, the choice of a dragon is sometimes an aspiration to these same qualities of great goodness, wisdom, and power.

After getting the tattoo, i went straight to the airport, to go to Rio. Very happy ending!!!!

And he put a link of me in his site

No Bada Me Bwoy

Met a chick in Pisac (outside Cusco in Peru) and she told me about this
No Bada Me Bwoy - Jamaican Patois

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I've always been interested in people, but I've never liked them.

Title quote is from Somerset Maugham

Who says men cant multi task, the link is from Carolyn

So to fill in a few blanks since i last wrote anything, it might have been Lima, i went to one of the top 10 restaurants astrid y gaston, great food with my friend Catherine.

Catherine, Jose and myself at the dance party, awesome night!!!

The DJ´s i was listening while as my mother would say ´Destroying my arm´ were ´Busy P´Stryke and of course King Unique

The pain level was decreased considerably listening to this music with my buddy artist of artists Dakar, i was so lucky to find him with my friend couch surfer friend Lucia.

Lucia and myself are on the left

Lucia was going to get 2 little butterflys, after 30 minutes after meeting Lucia i got the Geisha i have been thinking about since October.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Happy birthday Diana

Marilyn Monroe was what Diana Rainer is........ and i should know :)

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