Thursday, 20 August 2009

I want you to be crazy, cos you wont remember me when you are straight

I wrote this before leaving Lima, half my arm was ´Ruined´ as my mother would say

Someone told me about this movie, so watch it fuckers, it´s called ´National velvet´

Lima, Lima where has the time gone? Not backwards i can tell you!!

So the clock is ticking, i fly out Sunday evening, i get to Rio Monday morning, tick, tock, time goes fast so slowley.

Since i´ve been here i´ve been meeting couch surfers most nights and having a blast, the other nights and some of those nights those nights.

It´s simple math (some of the nights + the other nights= All of the nights) having a blast

Saturday, one of the couchsurfers Lucia mentioned she was going to get a tattoo, i wrote back ´Bring me along´ and i ended up getting the Geisha after meeting Lucia for only 30 min, i was getting ink done.

Then Mionday my legs drifted back and i go the black and white (non smoking dragon).

I have 5 more daze and more couchsurfers to see, the appointment book is full, i might need to hire a personal assistant (that can give me happy endings), super happy, fun, lucky happy endings.

Sounds like a collection of short story´s, but whats the point of reading a story when you know the ending?

Going to the electro party tonight, found the China town with the help of Lucia, but couldn´t find her, had a crazy taxi driver (old guy) drive me.

The taxi driver looked like he started last week and he had nothing to lose (he already looked like he lost his mind, i was begining to wonder if he was an escaped loonie driving a taxi for a getaway car, and i just got in :)

When he nearly crashed the 5th time, i gave up counting, i did have my other hand in my pocket (i thought i was going to die!! For fuck´s sake!!!) and i need 2 hands to count to 10!!

That girl i used to know from Canada went to this show in NY, you know the one and she thought i might like the show she saw, lets call the show ´FUERZA BRUTA´ and the girl ´Diana´, and yeah i would have loved it, in fact i think it was playing when i was there, but i never made it, it´s a funny old world :)


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