Friday, 28 August 2009

Some notes on Rio (the arrival)

Colin, Daniella and meself

Quote from Yogi Bear
´The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase.´

Got the airport in Lima to be told that i would need a return ticket, Brazil and Argentina are the only countries to demand this and they did and i handed over the ´Magic credit card´ and ´Thy will be done´ and i was off.

I was hoping to see Rio from the air as we flew i wasn´t, i took one of the magic Diazapan and i was out like a light, which would explain why all the stewardess were hovering over me in an empty plane, in a place called Rio.

I was there, so anyways as you can probably guess, i´m a bit of a heavy sleeper.

So after looking for ´Trip hostel´, i settled on ´Rio hostel´, only because i could see it, so i stayed in for the first few nights, Roy from Australia was making some excellent cocktails and who am i to say no, no?

So one of the first outings, i went to a costume party with Roy and his wife, had a blast, the women there that were single mums looked amazing, great night, the Swiss chick i was hanging out with was a bit intimidated by the hot dressed up chicks and didn´t come in, but we drank on the street for a bit.... a bit of a haze.

We got a taxi back, i went to see the Lapa action, it had been raining hard, but i ended up talking to a transsexual for a bit and then i said, look i´m going to talk to her and he was like ´Thats a boy´ and i pointed ´Thats a guy, fuckin hell´, the trans sexual is going ´Dont point you will get punched´, in Spanish + Portuguese and this goes on for a bit.

Dakar, the man is a fuckin amazing

It would appear if you see a chick and the body is too good to be believed, it´s a guy, sad but true.

Women dont have bodies that good, no way!!!

I was telling Daniella and Colin if you were having sex with someone that looked like that and you realised it as a guy, you wouldn´t care, they seemed to find it funny?

1 comment:

Dani said...

Heyyyy kieran!!!!!!!!!!!!! How re you?????

i remember when you were telling this history about the transsexual and the italian girl didnt you remember?? hahahahaahahahahhhauahuahauhahahahah
But you have to post that video you took when we were in lapa...i want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miss you and im missing my travelling life...
have fun!!!!!!!!!!

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