Sunday, 30 August 2009

Strange party, with strange people

The title is a Brazilian saying

Anti smoking in Brazil, if you smole your cock will go soft and err.... well you know!!

So, i met couchsurfer Gabriella, in the Irish pub in Lapa, eventually after walking all over the place, it was so near from the hostel.

Met Colin (from Tyrone) having outside the hostel, and joined the Lapa party, one of the street crazies kept rubbing his hair, the previous week the crazy grabbed some American guys dick and dragged him up the street, i doubt he had much choise in the matter?

Met Daniella, some guy from england that wasn´t the ´Full bob´, Damo bought a football and the English guy asked him why he bought it.

Damo replies, ´I wanted to put it in a bucket, puss in the bucket and watch the ball spin around´, i have to laugh.

Afterwards when i would see Damo with a toothbrush i would say ´Damo, why did you buy a tooth brush?´, to brush his pubes i guess?

Went to a football game, Flamingo V Athletico, 1 - 0 (to Flamingo), it was funny Flamingo had a really good forward that was really lazy (or just couldn´t run and didn´t) and walked, but set up the goal.

Went on an Inner city (unoffical tour) in something like the movie ´City of gods´, women holding babies smoking craic? Dont talk to me, i have seen it all, and a second time with Colin.

My favourite American, Jen

One night i went out met a chick and ended up in a favella on a Saturday morning, i bought some teens with machine guns a 2 litre bottle of soft drink, i went over with a local guy (a midget), they wanted beer, but it was all cool and they were very interested in my tattoos, an interesting start to a Saturday morning.

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