Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Even when the football was good, i liked it

Panthers bar

Videos are from when we were watching Brasil V Argentina, Brasil won!!!!

Marceo shows me how it's done

I followed the words of the great philosopher this week and 'Put it in the air', Tiago doesn't smoke, if i was a baker, he would have been over done, and he still doesn't understand and he likes philosophy.

What to say to the other team

Other things that were in the news of the week, my week.
I went to Panthers bar and i said to the owner Panther, 'Uma Cervesa Y Chop Aqui' (one beer and suck here), he collapsed laughing and i tried to pretend i didn't know what it meant, i knew, but he says that to people all the time, so what the fuck?

This guy was really drunk, but he could play well!!!

After Panthers bar, we went to another bar, that was closed, so another bar in the Favela, closed, and found a bar open near a big Jesus statue, that had 'Paz' (Peace) lit up under it, i wish i had a camera (and that was when i had a camera), now i wish i had a camera and i do too, bit it's in Ireland too)

Some how the conversation got to male appendages, under the statue and i said 'I'm erect. like that fellow there' and pointed at the statue, Tiago said 'He's crazier than us'

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

In Busios i met a guy coming home one night and he said to me 'Your Irish, my grandmother was Irish, she was crazy!!!

Then the guy that told me he was kicked out of a night club for doing coke and was fighting with cops an later he disappeard into the night on a red scooter, i had to laugh.

And as i was going into a supermarket with Tiago the other day 'Why dont i ever get employee of the month?', it's one for the great philosophers, i'm thinking? Maybe i'm not 'Good enough'?

Marcio does commercials

In Brasil they have 'Rock star' preachers, i heard of one woman who bave millions to one preacher, and he was a conman, but i was wondering if they get many groupies? If so, i could be a preacher, look, i already say 'Jesus Christ' anout a 100 times a day, all i'd have to do is look respectable while saying it. I know what your thinking? Easier said than done, i know, i know!

A Potugese lesson for watching Football

Went for a 50 Cent haircut with Tiago, the kid cutting bits off my head was being supervised, all he wanted to do was shave my hed, i wanted him to do it too, but Tiago must have seen something in my hair that i cant (maybe a chicken drumstick?) and told him no, just a little bit off, no more and no meant no

Something i once wrote, so now i copy and pasted it, wonderful, eh?

Cooking with the Professor Marcio, Carley watches, the fucker is always 'Learning stuff'

"May the roof above you never fall in, and those gathered beneath it never fall out. May you die in bed at 95, shot by a jealous spouse. And may you have nicer legs than yours under the table before the new spuds are up."

Something from my friend in Canada P, notes the pints of plain (Guinness) as he's dancing

Flann O'Brien once put it:

When money's tight and hard to get,
and your horse is also ran,
When all you have is a heap of debt,
a pint of plain is your only man.

For fucks sakes P. That fella was only making that up, he probably lost a bet and had to do what he did or shave all the hair on his head, and people in North America will believe anything anyways, have you heard of Leprechauns?

And i was thinking of this song

What i'll be worth soon, any takers?

Monday, 28 September 2009

Cos, i like.......birds!!

I wonder if the bird was mimicing something it heard?

And some other things i was thinking about, Zugunruhe 'The migratory drive in animals, especially birds.'

Dragons kiss

Brasilians have Russian Roulette parties where 30-40 people have sex without condoms and one person has AIDS.

What i'm doing is for the greater good, good riddence.

The fucking great english teacher's student nearly told her boss to 'Fuck off' today, am i good or what?

When the dude said we were going to 'Cock fight', i didn't think i'd actually have any role (and i'm not talking about ham and cheese)

2 guys are watching Priscilia and Beyonce walk from a window and P says 'We should kiss and walk the opposite way', if i was one of those guys i would have fell out the window!!

Best time of the day.........

As a cost cutting measure this week, i am going to repel people with my personality, it might work?

Gonna make a poster one day for over my bed, it's gonna say 'In, Out, In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out,In, Out'

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Mother nature, what a fuckin whore!!!!

Videos are from the mountain 'Pela Bandeira'

360 view up the mountain

Who likes hugs?

Scene of the crime

2 Famous people died in the Tiago News report, up the mountain, i love it

Saturday, 26 September 2009

What not to say to a Brasilian on Pela Bandeira

Waiting for Tiago, this was going through my head

What not to say

Keystone Kops idea

Something from Cork 'What are yea......'

Last but not least, the village idiot

When i did see Tiago again he says to me 'I nearly died up there and your laughing at me', i didn't know he and the rest of them were nearly blown off the mountain, he saved the girls from being blown off and on the way back the village idiot was telling them, he saved them.

I told Tiago if any of them died, any Judge would convict the village idiot of attempted manslaughter.

I felt lucky to be back.....alive, but you have to laugh:)!!!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Why be difficult when with a bit of effort you can be impossible?

Heavy metal cat

Heavy metal cover band at Panthers bar

Number of the beast

Fear of the dark?

'Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away'......i wish!!!!

UK Heavy metal!!!

Metallia.....and talkin business

Hanger 18

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Busios to Vitoria, what a day

Intrucucing my couchsurfing friend Tiago

Polish and Mexicans

So i leave Busios, while i'm in transit (un beknownst to me) my Australian credit card is being skimmed, to the tune of 8k, but i suppose the people doing it wanted to have a cocaine and hooker party for all their friends, i'm just offended i wasn't invited, oh the pain you've caused me Brasil!!

Anyways, my 3rd bus that day stops at a town, the Columbian girl i was talking to on the bus told me the town was dangerous, the message was to keep going, i was listening!!

And it was funny how i met that Columbian chick, there was only 10 people on that bus and i was sitting on her seat, i bought my ticket for a bus and the bus had already left, so they let me get on the next bus after i went to the station master and he scribbled his name on my ticket, so i got on the bus i should have been sold a ticket for and sat anywhere, anywhere being on the Columbian's seat, so she took her seat back and we chatted for the next 4 hours, very cool indeed since no one else would have been able to 'Fala ingleis'

This is what a Mexican guy do

So i got off the bus, waved goodbye to Ms Columbia and called the next couchsurfer (i had already sent messages to couchsurfers) in Vitoria, i called 'Thiago', he gave me all the details to get to his house near the North East shopping centre, and off i went on the next bus.

Got to Vitoria and i asked the guy next to me if the "North South' shopping centre was near, i was in luck, it was near him, his girlfriend picked us up in 5 minutes and we were off, he dropped me off and i called 'Tiago' (no 'h')

So i says to 'Tiago',

Me: 'Hi, i'm here'
Tigo: 'Where are you'
Me: 'At the South North shopping centre'
Tigo: 'Thats the other side of town'
Me: (Apparently i shouted) 'Why did you give me these directions?'
Tigo: 'I didn't tell you to go there man'

So anyways there was a security inspector checking up on the security guards in the area, he called Tiago for me, drove me to the bus station, i got the last bus to Tiago after the secruity guy telling the conductor where to let me off.

I got off the bus, the phone at the bus stop was broke, i thought, ah fuck, i might as well have a piss, 20 seconds later as i'm standing there, up walks a guy and it was Tiago, i was very lucky indeed!!!

Logistics in Vitoria harbour, the hookers do it better than anyone else

Apparently 'Thiago' is a cool guy too, i'd like to think being on many busses all day made me stupid, but instead i'd like to plead insanity and just think i was lucky to meet good people, they are out there!!!!

Tiago tells his version of how we met

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Got to Vitoria......just about, i was very lucky, but thats another story!

Vitoria, going over the bridge

Lookout point in Vitoria

I'm a lady?

A story for people with too many beers

Tiago tells a story about last night

Driving in Vitoria

A...ra ta ta ta?

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Busios here i come

So after a shakey exit of Rio das Ostras, i basically was drinking Vodka for a bit before leaving the lovely Priscila on her way to go to Rio, to go to Canada, i bet she learnt nottin dere, not like she she could have learnt from observing me.

Bridget and I

So after going to the bust stop for the last bus to Busios, i thought, go back, a call was made, i was going back to sleep in the best bed in the state of Rio (and i think i might have been in a bit of a state myself, when i got back)

The lure of going back was only obstructed by the memory of me drinking all the Vodka, so i went to the bar that played electronic music and i said to myself i hope they play Jackass and low and behold, they did, i couldn't believe my luck, so i had a few Caprivodkas and i had a few for Priscila and went 'Home' (well it had been home for nearly 2 weeks and i was very comfortable too!!!)

Superstar we go

The next day i went to Busios, as you can see from the video above, Bridget Bardot liked the place, Angelina Jole has a house there, and why not, you can fly around in little dume buggies with not a care in the world.

If i were a Mc Donalds i would...

Speaking of not having a care in the world, i should introduce you to the person everyone knows in Busios, oh what a laugh, i wish i had videos and photos.

Clip, clip, clip

Massa was from Argentina, he was in Busios for a year, he hitched hiked over Brasil, and when i tolld him his visa would have expired, he didn't seem to care, he introduced me to the bar 'Mamma Loca', run by a cool local chick.

And when i got out money, thats probably where my card got skimmed.....the plot thickens!!!!


Buzios was the himalayas of brazil

Monday, 21 September 2009

NO DEAL!!!! Australia, NO!!!!

Aussie Roy, great guy

The first Friday night, i went out with Aussie Roy and his wife and we went to some costume party, later i went to Lapa, next afternoon, i´m talking to some chick and she was like ´Was that you that belw up the petrol station´, true story, yes would´nt that be great, Irish guy arrives in Rio and blows up the place.

The burnt out garage did look farmilar though, the next day :)

So i get to Rio, i send out a couchsurfing message to many people, and drink cocktails made by Aussie Roy, then, i get a message back saying i would be a perfect fit to work in this Aussie chick (from Orange, NSW) hostel, i never applied, so i went along for a laugh (interview).

Guarding the Copacabana fort

A couple of things seemed odd, the hostel was about 200 meters up a very steep hill
The chick was very particular on how she wanted to run the place

She had rosters and procedure instructions for everything, even making boiled eggs and toast;
You would work 6 hours for 3 weeks and 7 hours a day the 7 th week.

When i wasn´t busy cleaning, folding sheets, checking people in, i would be going up and down the hill to pay her bills, get eggs and bread.
When i wasn´t busy doing that, i would be teaching her ´Chato´ (somone whos boring and thinks they should get what they want, just because) husband english, who i saw and couldn´t have been bothered in coming over to say hello, he had absolutly no interest.

I got the strict impression there would be no sitting around at any time.
For all this, you would get a boiled egg and toast and a bunk (at the time it had no mattress or mistress :)) in the servents quarters

Oh yeah, no coming in drunk or smoking weed either, so this ruled out everone from the Samba Ville hostel (or any other hostel i have ever been in).

I´m wondering, would anyone be so dumb as to come to Rio to work for someone similar as a Natzi like her?

Not this girl, she was lovely (and probably is, if she is alive, which she probably is)

Thanks for trying to trick me in to doing work, NO DEAL Australia, shame on you!!!!!

We play tricks on Aussies, not the other way around!!!
You have to laugh all the same!!!

I need to take it easy, just like this fellow

Sunday, 20 September 2009

92 + 6 pennys, add that shit up!!!

This is probably why i ´Got born´

Priscila sent the Busy P link to one of her friends (who´s not gay), he rang her twice to thank her ´Friend´ i.e. ME, for sending the link and i´m thinking, is this the only (good) differnce i´ve made in the world, i sent a link to a Brazilian who sent it to another Brazilian.

But i did get all the Credit (i got credit somewhere else too, but that´s another story)

So i guess, if you get credit, take it and run, i´ve got my running shoes on, i am out of here!!!

The night before Priscila left we were listening to Electro, watching Jackass, it was the best fun ever!!!

So much fun, the next night after abondoning the plan going to Buzious, i went back to that bar and did it all again, by myself watched Jackass and drank Caprivodkas, i had a few, i had a few for Priscila

Beach life

Friday, 18 September 2009

I´m cool, i´ve got ice creams in my pockets

A thriller, maybe slightly drunken on Isla Grange?

Just a note on Isla Grange, i was camping, with just a tent, no sleeping matress or sleeping bag and i was wondering how many Germans would go camping with just a tent and a fine sulpply of sleeping tablets, they would think you are crazy

End of the street play in Angra

There is a religon from Bahia called ´Orixás´, it was one of the religons that the street play was on about. (Blah de balh........why do you even read this, wouldn´t masturbating be a better use of your time, go now before it´s too late and you learn something you dont really need to know.)

Orixás Gods include Xangô, Iansã, Ogum, Exu, Obá, and many others

Saw this song ´Things have changed´ by Bob Dylan and i thought, ´They sure have, they sure have´

Thursday, 17 September 2009

God bless the mens that satisfy us, may they live longer than us

Myself and Professor Dou-Las, not like in Cork

The transexuals at the end of the street were calling him ´Professor´ one night, he´s training to be a PE teacher, he didn´t like being called Professor, maybe he should´t have told me that one!!!!

Damo was telling me how he was doing impressions of American Psycho with a local chick in a love hotel,checking out his muscles in the mirror, so check it out, why don´t yea, fucker!!

Brazilians have ´Russian Roulette parties, where 30-40 people have sex, without condoms and 1 person has AIDS´, that´s the crazyiest thing i have ever heard!!

Quote from Priscilia
Priscilia was telling me how some Brazilian men say they dont like using condoms and it is like eating sweets with the wrapper on, so she says, that´s ok, lets get you an ice-cream. Fucking classic!!!

The funniest and most intellegent chick in South America!!!

Once you go black, you never go back!!

2 Guys are watching from a window, Pricilia and Beyonce (her friend´s nickname) walk past from their work, Pricilia says ´We should kiss now (on the lips) and walk opposite directions, fucking classic!!!!

If i was one of those guys i would have fell out the window!!!!

Apparently Beyonce danced like Beyonce too, i wouldn´t want to watch though, i only have one testicle, and i wouldn´t want it to explode on me :)

As you can see, i didn´t know what was going on

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

We are all a product of our enviornment, some more than others

Homework to see and do + Brazilian poetery

3 kinds of women

A word that does not exist in English, the Brazilians have it and it´s ´Saudade´

More good stuff from Priscilia

Eternity is a clock without hands
- Drinking like he´s tearing paper - i.e. Drinking a lot
- A bird that goes together with a bat, it always wakes up with it´s head upside down
- A bird that eats a rock know the ass he has
- We accept the love we think we deserve
- An empty mind is the devils workshop
- ´Give money to the monkey´ - i.e. Making fool of yourself
- The zebra is white with black stripes or balck with white stripes?
- When you get closer, no one is normal.
- I´ll bring the sexy back, these mother fuckers dont know how to act.
- He´s sexy, like a door

Carola, she says quite a few times a day ´I go sleep now´, this means she´s off for her afternoon delight and any other time it´s on offer also

Douglas saw me one morning, he says ´Did you slept with a cat?´, Priscila said ´In Brasil, the eyes are very quick´

Priscila´s friend during sex would whisper ´Falar o meu nome´ in her boyfriend´s ear and ´Falar quatorze´.... during sex.

Another friend thought sex was so boring one time she was thinking of reaching over and grabbing her nail file to file her nails....during sex, why not just say ´Just let me know when your finished, big guy, the news will be on in 5 minutes, so you might want to get moving´

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some one worth quoting.......Quote me on that!!!!

Priscila is a CLASSIC!!!

The videos are from Priscila´s last night, before she went to Toronto on the English course she won, fuck Canada, she was learning way more from me, she told me she camethisclose to telling her boss to ´Fuck off´, you cant do better than that? I was a pretty good fucking teacher.

´Give money to the monkey´ - Making fool of yourself
The zebra is white with black stripes or balck with white stripes?
Whe you get closer, no one is normal.
I´ll bring the sexy back, these mother fuckers dont know how to act.

Bird in the mouth and Douglas, not from Cork

More good stuff!!!

Some maths

Monday, 14 September 2009

Rio das Ostras and the living is easy, night time that is, understand?

Would you like a tour.....of the bar?

Undestand me ......after a Caprianas or 10?

Coming home in the combi van

A few nights later.....Fire in....

Saturday night

Gay pride is alive

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Went to Rio das Ostras and kinda forgot to leave

Am i coming or going, i can hardly decide, i just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive? Thats how i felt yesterday, before leaving Rio, that´s how i probably felt leaving Las Vegas (singing cheryl Crowe).

I was leaving, this is all i knew, i thought i was going to Petropolis, but my Couchsurfer friend needed to look after her sick friends, but i was leaving, so it made sense (never cents) to get going North, north towards Salvadore.

Antonio from Portugal was talking about Salvadore, talking it up a lot, he´s been there 15 times.

I was hanging out the balcony at least crying laughing, i probably looked more like a guy doing impressions of Maradonna all coked up and drunk at a Boca game in Buenos Aires.

First night out with Priscila

Antonio was saying how he wouldn´t bother with anywhere else in Brazil, he was supposed to buy us flights up there but instead he go, instead he must of thought it would be a better idea to go and get drunk, he met 2 chicks and got bad vibe and jumped in a taxi, homeward bound and thats where we met him, home being Samba Ville hostel, Lapa.

So now i´m here in Rio das Ostras, going to Buzios, but there is talk of camping at the weekend, so Buzious might have to wait.

Jen will be there on Friday, so that might be cool, she migt even be out of her fag hag phase, but that´s another story, the mind truly boggles, mind over matter, i dont mind, it doesn´t matter.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Kirean meets the wonderful ´falar o meu nome´ otherwise know as...

So i have spelling problems? Who doesnt have problems?

I saw the following magazine in the bus station in Campus, on my way to Vitoria, now the spelling is ´Straight´ in my head.

I will not spell you name wrong again.


I know what your thinking ´Ohhhh....he´s a bad guy´

I´m a bad guy!!!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Jamming and ´Oh, there´s the retarded dog!!´

Back to night time, time

Heard a english voice say ´Oh, there´s the retarded dog´, so i turned to her and said, ´Now i have to look´.

I saw a dog hoping along, with one leg that was previously badly broken, he looked pretty happy, he was stuck in the river the day previously and the locals wouldn´t bother helping him out, being a retarded dog, has it´s disadvantages, i would say the dog was disabed and the locals were retarded (and i saw a few of the locals in action), medicaly speaking, of course :)

All the drunk singing was making Mr Bob turn in that grave

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ilia Grange, night time fun and day time too, too!!


English people, there´s a few about!!

So another day of normality, getting sleep with the help of Mr Diazapan, you are a lifesaver!!

How else could you sleep in a tent with no matress with just your clothes to sleep on, but it does feel great in the morning and my back feels like it´s been stretched out a good 2 inches (and it probably has)

Classic, afraid!!!

Todays looking like a good day, might go on a tour, it would be a shame not to go and i have been epitomising the Corona marketing stragety all too well ´I´m lazy and i enjoy life´, well, i could hop on a boat and do the same and maybe meet people and go out tonight, oh..ho, here we go again....

But another day of lying ona hammock sounds good too (and it never hurt anyone), i have met locals and all these islands are pretty much the same to me, but maybe Brazil will be differnt. 2 more sleeps and i am back to the Lapa Friday night party.

On a serious note, there was day time too!!

Ilia Grange

Beautiful Rio, i had to go!!!!

Snoop Dogg, in beautiful Rio

I had a really bad feeling about the place and i didn´t want to go out by myself

I knew i had to go when a crack head with a baby told myself and Jen to give her money or else she would rob us, she was holding a baby for fucks sake.

Jen told her to go ahead and try, that was the end of the crack head!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sometimes, it´s not a question of doing what you like.....

It´s about doing the best you can, with what we´ve got and who we are

Monkey´s, little ones!!!

Is there a party on?

Hanging out at the party

Monday, 7 September 2009

How many Brazilian´s does it take to change a light bulb?

How many Brazilian´s does it take to change a light bulb....?

Truth begins in to think about
On the Dr House TV series

House cannot figure out what is wrong with Adler. He has not yet talked to the patient. After all, everybody lies. But now, he wants Foreman to go and get her history. Foreman throws House’s assumption back at him – why talk to Adler if she is going to lie anyway? House can’t answer this, can he now? So, truth begins in lies, he says. Bring me the sack of lies and I will figure out the truth. But he knows he is contradicting himself. And so does Foreman.

Houseism from the show pilot (Season 1, Episode 1).

Other House MD Quotes

Brazilian Music

Isla Grange

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Street theatre.....on the Angras dos Rios

So on Friday Camilla and myself saw a Spanish play about, well, i cant remember, but it was good and on the way out we met her friend, the tall skinny guy in the video clips.

So Camilla promised him we would go and see his play the next day, street theatre on a Saturday evening in Angras, how nice!!

The play was pretty funny even if you dont understand the local lingo, not many adults were there, the kids loved it.

But it was more geared to adults who vote, but maybe the kids will come back in 10 years, but i´d doubt it would be still on....somehow?

The play was about all the differnt religons in Brazil, that have many gods and what´s really important is health care, education and people need to take more care when they vote to get the right people to represent them, or so i was told.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I knew it was time to get out of Rio when.........

....a woman holding a baby said if we didn´t give her money she would rob us. She was holding a baby for fuck´s sake.

Lima, paza de Armas

Jen told her, ´Go ahead and try´ and probably threw in ´Take it up the ass´, thats Jen for yea, all i knew was there was a bad vibe in the air and i wasn´t taking any chances, i would like to get home alive.... if possible and i know that´s probably asking too much, so i got out or Rio....and then i came back, but let me tell you where i went first.

I went to Angras and after realising i bought more shares the previous week instead of selling, well, put me in a kind of ´Financial disaster area´, so i ended up staying from Wednesday till Monday with a couchsurfer called Camilla and had a great time.

Angras is building it´s 3rd power station and these people were waiting all day to put their name down....for a job

Looking for a bar to show the game on Saturday

Camilla told me if i cheered for Flamingo, she would kick me out (she was not joking) and anything else i did was fine (and that was true too!!!), oh so true and maybe sad but true!!

Couldn´t find somewhere showing the game, so, we went to Camilla´s friend´s play

Friday, 4 September 2009

Park life baby

Frolicking in the park

Looking at stuff, i like looking at stuff, other people like it too

Jen gives her opinion

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jen found a new religion!!!!!! And Rio videos, too.

Jen found a new religion, if i was Muslem, she would be my 8th wife, 8 is a lucky number in China, er... yeah right, buddy!!

Animals in Santa Theresa

Samba Ville Hostel

Hanging out

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Quiet few daze on Isla Grange.....yeah right!!!!

4 Brazilians changing a light bulb

So the quite few days, turned out to be quite rainy, which was fine by me and i´m in a tent, the place is like a hostel, except no bunk beds, but they have cable TV and hammocks and some stray dog that´s a bit weary of people, but, likes to hang out all the time, i know the feeling.

So after all the fun of Angra, including some chick (maybe, you can never tell after too many beers and i had that many beer and cocktails to boot) hit a guy on the chest,, with a handbag, the guy collapses like a ton of bricks, 20 minutes the fire brigade collects him and carts him off, at least he didn´t have to worry about getting a taxi home?

The condition he was in, he was bad for business, good job he passed out right in front of the 24 hour place in Angra.

Aquaduct in Isla grange history

I started to learn a bit of Portuguese there too, only cos no one spoke English, so now i´ve gotton lazy again, time to pick up the pace, yes time indeed.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Kieran tries to escape the Rio party and guess what happens?

Couchsurfer Camilla and her friend, her friend spoke Spanish, very handy

Went to a street play about all the kinds of Religion and what people really need is health care and education, it was very funny too!!!

So i went to Angra dos Rios, to avoid the party and after much confusion i eventually meet (couchsurfer) Camilla and after chatting for a while we went for a drink and she told me about a Funky party, she knew people, so i thought, when in Rome and all that (but dont have pizza in Rome, it´s crap)

So anyways, it become´s pretty obious pretty quickly why they put Christ the redeemer on the hill with all these sexy girls dancing (lets not beat around the bush, it´s sex with your clothes on and i should know, i had sex last night and the only difference was i took them off!!), but i´d doubt any of those girls would be redeemed in time, maybe out of time.....get that beat back!!!

Funky dancing is interesting all the same to watch, you know your gay if you dont have a raging boner in less than 10 seconds, is ´interesting´ the right word?

So i got there on a Wed, i had to stick around for a bit, then another party Thursday, i rememeber we met a German guy walking there ´Sebastian´, before we went to the party he was telling me about his girlfriend that´s in America, 1 hour later he´s kissing a hot chick and they go off together, Camilla was saying ´I cant believe that guy´, i could, i saw the whole thing!!

Saturday i went to a really good BBQ, it was Camillas friend Marcello´s 24th birthday

So before leaving Rio, on the way out to a party, i sold some shares, but instead of selling, i bought, and i found out too late, a bug fuck up, so i managed to sell the whole lot before my account was blocked and then i wenf off to Isla Grange for a quiet few daze, and guess what happened?
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