Sunday, 20 September 2009

92 + 6 pennys, add that shit up!!!

This is probably why i ´Got born´

Priscila sent the Busy P link to one of her friends (who´s not gay), he rang her twice to thank her ´Friend´ i.e. ME, for sending the link and i´m thinking, is this the only (good) differnce i´ve made in the world, i sent a link to a Brazilian who sent it to another Brazilian.

But i did get all the Credit (i got credit somewhere else too, but that´s another story)

So i guess, if you get credit, take it and run, i´ve got my running shoes on, i am out of here!!!

The night before Priscila left we were listening to Electro, watching Jackass, it was the best fun ever!!!

So much fun, the next night after abondoning the plan going to Buzious, i went back to that bar and did it all again, by myself watched Jackass and drank Caprivodkas, i had a few, i had a few for Priscila

Beach life

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