Thursday, 24 September 2009

Busios to Vitoria, what a day

Intrucucing my couchsurfing friend Tiago

Polish and Mexicans

So i leave Busios, while i'm in transit (un beknownst to me) my Australian credit card is being skimmed, to the tune of 8k, but i suppose the people doing it wanted to have a cocaine and hooker party for all their friends, i'm just offended i wasn't invited, oh the pain you've caused me Brasil!!

Anyways, my 3rd bus that day stops at a town, the Columbian girl i was talking to on the bus told me the town was dangerous, the message was to keep going, i was listening!!

And it was funny how i met that Columbian chick, there was only 10 people on that bus and i was sitting on her seat, i bought my ticket for a bus and the bus had already left, so they let me get on the next bus after i went to the station master and he scribbled his name on my ticket, so i got on the bus i should have been sold a ticket for and sat anywhere, anywhere being on the Columbian's seat, so she took her seat back and we chatted for the next 4 hours, very cool indeed since no one else would have been able to 'Fala ingleis'

This is what a Mexican guy do

So i got off the bus, waved goodbye to Ms Columbia and called the next couchsurfer (i had already sent messages to couchsurfers) in Vitoria, i called 'Thiago', he gave me all the details to get to his house near the North East shopping centre, and off i went on the next bus.

Got to Vitoria and i asked the guy next to me if the "North South' shopping centre was near, i was in luck, it was near him, his girlfriend picked us up in 5 minutes and we were off, he dropped me off and i called 'Tiago' (no 'h')

So i says to 'Tiago',

Me: 'Hi, i'm here'
Tigo: 'Where are you'
Me: 'At the South North shopping centre'
Tigo: 'Thats the other side of town'
Me: (Apparently i shouted) 'Why did you give me these directions?'
Tigo: 'I didn't tell you to go there man'

So anyways there was a security inspector checking up on the security guards in the area, he called Tiago for me, drove me to the bus station, i got the last bus to Tiago after the secruity guy telling the conductor where to let me off.

I got off the bus, the phone at the bus stop was broke, i thought, ah fuck, i might as well have a piss, 20 seconds later as i'm standing there, up walks a guy and it was Tiago, i was very lucky indeed!!!

Logistics in Vitoria harbour, the hookers do it better than anyone else

Apparently 'Thiago' is a cool guy too, i'd like to think being on many busses all day made me stupid, but instead i'd like to plead insanity and just think i was lucky to meet good people, they are out there!!!!

Tiago tells his version of how we met

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