Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Even when the football was good, i liked it

Panthers bar

Videos are from when we were watching Brasil V Argentina, Brasil won!!!!

Marceo shows me how it's done

I followed the words of the great philosopher this week and 'Put it in the air', Tiago doesn't smoke, if i was a baker, he would have been over done, and he still doesn't understand and he likes philosophy.

What to say to the other team

Other things that were in the news of the week, my week.
I went to Panthers bar and i said to the owner Panther, 'Uma Cervesa Y Chop Aqui' (one beer and suck here), he collapsed laughing and i tried to pretend i didn't know what it meant, i knew, but he says that to people all the time, so what the fuck?

This guy was really drunk, but he could play well!!!

After Panthers bar, we went to another bar, that was closed, so another bar in the Favela, closed, and found a bar open near a big Jesus statue, that had 'Paz' (Peace) lit up under it, i wish i had a camera (and that was when i had a camera), now i wish i had a camera and i do too, bit it's in Ireland too)

Some how the conversation got to male appendages, under the statue and i said 'I'm erect. like that fellow there' and pointed at the statue, Tiago said 'He's crazier than us'

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