Thursday, 17 September 2009

God bless the mens that satisfy us, may they live longer than us

Myself and Professor Dou-Las, not like in Cork

The transexuals at the end of the street were calling him ´Professor´ one night, he´s training to be a PE teacher, he didn´t like being called Professor, maybe he should´t have told me that one!!!!

Damo was telling me how he was doing impressions of American Psycho with a local chick in a love hotel,checking out his muscles in the mirror, so check it out, why don´t yea, fucker!!

Brazilians have ´Russian Roulette parties, where 30-40 people have sex, without condoms and 1 person has AIDS´, that´s the crazyiest thing i have ever heard!!

Quote from Priscilia
Priscilia was telling me how some Brazilian men say they dont like using condoms and it is like eating sweets with the wrapper on, so she says, that´s ok, lets get you an ice-cream. Fucking classic!!!

The funniest and most intellegent chick in South America!!!

Once you go black, you never go back!!

2 Guys are watching from a window, Pricilia and Beyonce (her friend´s nickname) walk past from their work, Pricilia says ´We should kiss now (on the lips) and walk opposite directions, fucking classic!!!!

If i was one of those guys i would have fell out the window!!!!

Apparently Beyonce danced like Beyonce too, i wouldn´t want to watch though, i only have one testicle, and i wouldn´t want it to explode on me :)

As you can see, i didn´t know what was going on

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