Saturday, 5 September 2009

I knew it was time to get out of Rio when.........

....a woman holding a baby said if we didn´t give her money she would rob us. She was holding a baby for fuck´s sake.

Lima, paza de Armas

Jen told her, ´Go ahead and try´ and probably threw in ´Take it up the ass´, thats Jen for yea, all i knew was there was a bad vibe in the air and i wasn´t taking any chances, i would like to get home alive.... if possible and i know that´s probably asking too much, so i got out or Rio....and then i came back, but let me tell you where i went first.

I went to Angras and after realising i bought more shares the previous week instead of selling, well, put me in a kind of ´Financial disaster area´, so i ended up staying from Wednesday till Monday with a couchsurfer called Camilla and had a great time.

Angras is building it´s 3rd power station and these people were waiting all day to put their name down....for a job

Looking for a bar to show the game on Saturday

Camilla told me if i cheered for Flamingo, she would kick me out (she was not joking) and anything else i did was fine (and that was true too!!!), oh so true and maybe sad but true!!

Couldn´t find somewhere showing the game, so, we went to Camilla´s friend´s play

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