Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ilia Grange, night time fun and day time too, too!!


English people, there´s a few about!!

So another day of normality, getting sleep with the help of Mr Diazapan, you are a lifesaver!!

How else could you sleep in a tent with no matress with just your clothes to sleep on, but it does feel great in the morning and my back feels like it´s been stretched out a good 2 inches (and it probably has)

Classic, afraid!!!

Todays looking like a good day, might go on a tour, it would be a shame not to go and i have been epitomising the Corona marketing stragety all too well ´I´m lazy and i enjoy life´, well, i could hop on a boat and do the same and maybe meet people and go out tonight, oh..ho, here we go again....

But another day of lying ona hammock sounds good too (and it never hurt anyone), i have met locals and all these islands are pretty much the same to me, but maybe Brazil will be differnt. 2 more sleeps and i am back to the Lapa Friday night party.

On a serious note, there was day time too!!

Ilia Grange

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