Friday, 18 September 2009

I´m cool, i´ve got ice creams in my pockets

A thriller, maybe slightly drunken on Isla Grange?

Just a note on Isla Grange, i was camping, with just a tent, no sleeping matress or sleeping bag and i was wondering how many Germans would go camping with just a tent and a fine sulpply of sleeping tablets, they would think you are crazy

End of the street play in Angra

There is a religon from Bahia called ´Orixás´, it was one of the religons that the street play was on about. (Blah de balh........why do you even read this, wouldn´t masturbating be a better use of your time, go now before it´s too late and you learn something you dont really need to know.)

Orixás Gods include Xangô, Iansã, Ogum, Exu, Obá, and many others

Saw this song ´Things have changed´ by Bob Dylan and i thought, ´They sure have, they sure have´

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