Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Kieran tries to escape the Rio party and guess what happens?

Couchsurfer Camilla and her friend, her friend spoke Spanish, very handy

Went to a street play about all the kinds of Religion and what people really need is health care and education, it was very funny too!!!

So i went to Angra dos Rios, to avoid the party and after much confusion i eventually meet (couchsurfer) Camilla and after chatting for a while we went for a drink and she told me about a Funky party, she knew people, so i thought, when in Rome and all that (but dont have pizza in Rome, it´s crap)

So anyways, it become´s pretty obious pretty quickly why they put Christ the redeemer on the hill with all these sexy girls dancing (lets not beat around the bush, it´s sex with your clothes on and i should know, i had sex last night and the only difference was i took them off!!), but i´d doubt any of those girls would be redeemed in time, maybe out of time.....get that beat back!!!

Funky dancing is interesting all the same to watch, you know your gay if you dont have a raging boner in less than 10 seconds, is ´interesting´ the right word?

So i got there on a Wed, i had to stick around for a bit, then another party Thursday, i rememeber we met a German guy walking there ´Sebastian´, before we went to the party he was telling me about his girlfriend that´s in America, 1 hour later he´s kissing a hot chick and they go off together, Camilla was saying ´I cant believe that guy´, i could, i saw the whole thing!!

Saturday i went to a really good BBQ, it was Camillas friend Marcello´s 24th birthday

So before leaving Rio, on the way out to a party, i sold some shares, but instead of selling, i bought, and i found out too late, a bug fuck up, so i managed to sell the whole lot before my account was blocked and then i wenf off to Isla Grange for a quiet few daze, and guess what happened?

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