Monday, 21 September 2009

NO DEAL!!!! Australia, NO!!!!

Aussie Roy, great guy

The first Friday night, i went out with Aussie Roy and his wife and we went to some costume party, later i went to Lapa, next afternoon, i´m talking to some chick and she was like ´Was that you that belw up the petrol station´, true story, yes would´nt that be great, Irish guy arrives in Rio and blows up the place.

The burnt out garage did look farmilar though, the next day :)

So i get to Rio, i send out a couchsurfing message to many people, and drink cocktails made by Aussie Roy, then, i get a message back saying i would be a perfect fit to work in this Aussie chick (from Orange, NSW) hostel, i never applied, so i went along for a laugh (interview).

Guarding the Copacabana fort

A couple of things seemed odd, the hostel was about 200 meters up a very steep hill
The chick was very particular on how she wanted to run the place

She had rosters and procedure instructions for everything, even making boiled eggs and toast;
You would work 6 hours for 3 weeks and 7 hours a day the 7 th week.

When i wasn´t busy cleaning, folding sheets, checking people in, i would be going up and down the hill to pay her bills, get eggs and bread.
When i wasn´t busy doing that, i would be teaching her ´Chato´ (somone whos boring and thinks they should get what they want, just because) husband english, who i saw and couldn´t have been bothered in coming over to say hello, he had absolutly no interest.

I got the strict impression there would be no sitting around at any time.
For all this, you would get a boiled egg and toast and a bunk (at the time it had no mattress or mistress :)) in the servents quarters

Oh yeah, no coming in drunk or smoking weed either, so this ruled out everone from the Samba Ville hostel (or any other hostel i have ever been in).

I´m wondering, would anyone be so dumb as to come to Rio to work for someone similar as a Natzi like her?

Not this girl, she was lovely (and probably is, if she is alive, which she probably is)

Thanks for trying to trick me in to doing work, NO DEAL Australia, shame on you!!!!!

We play tricks on Aussies, not the other way around!!!
You have to laugh all the same!!!

I need to take it easy, just like this fellow

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