Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Quiet few daze on Isla Grange.....yeah right!!!!

4 Brazilians changing a light bulb

So the quite few days, turned out to be quite rainy, which was fine by me and i´m in a tent, the place is like a hostel, except no bunk beds, but they have cable TV and hammocks and some stray dog that´s a bit weary of people, but, likes to hang out all the time, i know the feeling.

So after all the fun of Angra, including some chick (maybe, you can never tell after too many beers and i had that many beer and cocktails to boot) hit a guy on the chest,, with a handbag, the guy collapses like a ton of bricks, 20 minutes the fire brigade collects him and carts him off, at least he didn´t have to worry about getting a taxi home?

The condition he was in, he was bad for business, good job he passed out right in front of the 24 hour place in Angra.

Aquaduct in Isla grange history

I started to learn a bit of Portuguese there too, only cos no one spoke English, so now i´ve gotton lazy again, time to pick up the pace, yes time indeed.

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