Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

In Busios i met a guy coming home one night and he said to me 'Your Irish, my grandmother was Irish, she was crazy!!!

Then the guy that told me he was kicked out of a night club for doing coke and was fighting with cops an later he disappeard into the night on a red scooter, i had to laugh.

And as i was going into a supermarket with Tiago the other day 'Why dont i ever get employee of the month?', it's one for the great philosophers, i'm thinking? Maybe i'm not 'Good enough'?

Marcio does commercials

In Brasil they have 'Rock star' preachers, i heard of one woman who bave millions to one preacher, and he was a conman, but i was wondering if they get many groupies? If so, i could be a preacher, look, i already say 'Jesus Christ' anout a 100 times a day, all i'd have to do is look respectable while saying it. I know what your thinking? Easier said than done, i know, i know!

A Potugese lesson for watching Football

Went for a 50 Cent haircut with Tiago, the kid cutting bits off my head was being supervised, all he wanted to do was shave my hed, i wanted him to do it too, but Tiago must have seen something in my hair that i cant (maybe a chicken drumstick?) and told him no, just a little bit off, no more and no meant no

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http://cazulonegro.blogspot.com/ said...

Hey i have noticed that my name has appeared few times on your blog,

and i liked many things i read, and its great how we can keep some good times on the records and laugh at them later,, seemed that you were here for months, i could say that you can always comeback, but as god works for me, and he listens to everything i ask, i wish you a lot of money to get a lot of wimen to spend all your money.

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