Sunday, 6 September 2009

Street theatre.....on the Angras dos Rios

So on Friday Camilla and myself saw a Spanish play about, well, i cant remember, but it was good and on the way out we met her friend, the tall skinny guy in the video clips.

So Camilla promised him we would go and see his play the next day, street theatre on a Saturday evening in Angras, how nice!!

The play was pretty funny even if you dont understand the local lingo, not many adults were there, the kids loved it.

But it was more geared to adults who vote, but maybe the kids will come back in 10 years, but i´d doubt it would be still on....somehow?

The play was about all the differnt religons in Brazil, that have many gods and what´s really important is health care, education and people need to take more care when they vote to get the right people to represent them, or so i was told.

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