Wednesday, 16 September 2009

We are all a product of our enviornment, some more than others

Homework to see and do + Brazilian poetery

3 kinds of women

A word that does not exist in English, the Brazilians have it and it´s ´Saudade´

More good stuff from Priscilia

Eternity is a clock without hands
- Drinking like he´s tearing paper - i.e. Drinking a lot
- A bird that goes together with a bat, it always wakes up with it´s head upside down
- A bird that eats a rock know the ass he has
- We accept the love we think we deserve
- An empty mind is the devils workshop
- ´Give money to the monkey´ - i.e. Making fool of yourself
- The zebra is white with black stripes or balck with white stripes?
- When you get closer, no one is normal.
- I´ll bring the sexy back, these mother fuckers dont know how to act.
- He´s sexy, like a door

Carola, she says quite a few times a day ´I go sleep now´, this means she´s off for her afternoon delight and any other time it´s on offer also

Douglas saw me one morning, he says ´Did you slept with a cat?´, Priscila said ´In Brasil, the eyes are very quick´

Priscila´s friend during sex would whisper ´Falar o meu nome´ in her boyfriend´s ear and ´Falar quatorze´.... during sex.

Another friend thought sex was so boring one time she was thinking of reaching over and grabbing her nail file to file her nails....during sex, why not just say ´Just let me know when your finished, big guy, the news will be on in 5 minutes, so you might want to get moving´

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