Sunday, 13 September 2009

Went to Rio das Ostras and kinda forgot to leave

Am i coming or going, i can hardly decide, i just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive? Thats how i felt yesterday, before leaving Rio, that´s how i probably felt leaving Las Vegas (singing cheryl Crowe).

I was leaving, this is all i knew, i thought i was going to Petropolis, but my Couchsurfer friend needed to look after her sick friends, but i was leaving, so it made sense (never cents) to get going North, north towards Salvadore.

Antonio from Portugal was talking about Salvadore, talking it up a lot, he´s been there 15 times.

I was hanging out the balcony at least crying laughing, i probably looked more like a guy doing impressions of Maradonna all coked up and drunk at a Boca game in Buenos Aires.

First night out with Priscila

Antonio was saying how he wouldn´t bother with anywhere else in Brazil, he was supposed to buy us flights up there but instead he go, instead he must of thought it would be a better idea to go and get drunk, he met 2 chicks and got bad vibe and jumped in a taxi, homeward bound and thats where we met him, home being Samba Ville hostel, Lapa.

So now i´m here in Rio das Ostras, going to Buzios, but there is talk of camping at the weekend, so Buzious might have to wait.

Jen will be there on Friday, so that might be cool, she migt even be out of her fag hag phase, but that´s another story, the mind truly boggles, mind over matter, i dont mind, it doesn´t matter.

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