Sunday, 25 October 2009

Before i jump out this window, whats your name?

Brasilian men biggest fear

Aussie chick Tegan was telling me when your upset, the best way to get over it is to do multiplication in yer head, 1 * 1 =1, 1 * 2=2, 1 * 3=3, and after 10 minutes your back in the business of being happy, by using the other side of your head....stupid!!

Mr Leo Smith

Going into the restaurant he worked in his brother said 'He is crazy, you know nothing' and i thought i knew something, but he was like looking at Bugs Bunny or Grouch Marx, a classic!!

Mo money, mo problem, i was going to leave tomorrow, but i got mo money so there is no problem, so the weekend is here and i just might 'Cut loose', but only a little bit and enjoy life here, because thats where i am, right here!

The medicine

Quote from Dave (from Sydney)
I feel sorry for people that dont drink, cos when they wake up in the morning, thats the best they are going to feel all day

Tegan took this photo of Mr Muscles

Mr Muscles saw me next day and he was telling me about the Beautiful Menina, beautiful eyes, beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful hair, beautiful (while he was smiling away to himself)

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