Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Dont tell me im still on this feckin Island

So after many false starts, i did it and by being absolutely paranoid (Ozzie Ozbourne) style, i woke up (very good), drank a beer (cold) from last night, when i paid for the beers for myself and Sydney Dave (brother of 'Pretty eyes')

Last nights no change situation:
Bar guy: Do you want 3 beers instead?
Me: No, i want 4
Bar guy: ok

Made like a leaf, so i asked again what time the Catamaran was leaving, 11.30 and 3, i was told there was one at 12.30, but no.

So i got to Salvador, the guy from Chile gives me a ride in his taxi to the bus station (half way to the airport).

Father Ted - It's not the morning

I switch stations and a local chick is helping me get the right bus and she talks to a guy going to the airport too, off we go on the bus, he buys me a big Skol beer going in the door of the airport, i get something to eat and look at buying Havaianas, i have 24 Haias, they are 28, no go, so i go to the boarding area and i see the duty free.

Havaianas are for sale at 18 Haias, so my 24 Haias get me a green pair (my size) a chocolate bar and a $1 US bill with the Illumunati pyramid and seeing eye.

A very happy and fortunate ending to a fuckin brilliant time

Muito Bon Brasil

I will be back

(I was very fortunate everything went to plan, if it didn't i'd be still in Brasil!!!)

So i was talking to these girls about story's and one of them said they liked 'Happy endings'.
Kieran's brain starts to race, and we start to talk, i'm talking about Thai style happy endings and she's talking about Chick flick happy endings

I remember she said 'I just like them because, you know it's coming', i was speechless!!! I had to end that conversation.

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