Thursday, 29 October 2009

Friday in Frankfurt

After the couch surfing meeting in Rio myself and Gabriala went to a heavy metal bar.
I think this song was ' Skin of my teeth'

So the cough is getting worse, welcome to Europe, now you will get sick, nothing ever changes, so after 12.30 after drinks we (myself and the 3 couchsurfing German girls) go out to this Jam session at some Communist club and we end up at this cave disco and it would seem if you speak english people push you (we were near the mosh pit), not bad!!!

Get crazy Germany!!! It was good.

And you were wondering what my name would be in Korean?

Before we went out, one of the girls said that her friend was 'confused'. I said ' If it feels good, do it' , she said ' Kieran all this time you understood everything we said, i said ' Er, no, but now i do', oh how i laughed!!!!!!

So on Sunday i go out walking and i see a Guinness sign, so i have 2 and later i'm out walking (Autumn is the best time for walking!!) and i see an Irish pub 'An teach beag', before long i'm rapping away with the owner, Tagdh from Limerick, Yegar more Guinness. I meet the girlfriend, he gets my number as he's passing Glanmire sometime soon.

You would be a good robber. Just be careful you don't leave fingerprints

I did a test, no i'm not pregnant, but i would be a good robber, the internet told me, who am i to argue?

In his bar, you can smoke and do what you want, got a dog, no problem, his bar is a drinking institution, he says sometimes he's asleep drunk in the corner and people come in, pour drinks, they pay and leave, the money is there, he doesn't worry about it and he makes money.

What about the law, the Germans love making laws, the people that just went out were all cops and they were smoking

kieran ocallaghan = A ARCANA HELLO! KING

Useless info, there is a German law (see what i mean) that states if a premises never had a cash register, you dont have to buy one, but once you have one, you need to keep getting one, just about every where people use a purse (it works out better for them, not so good for the Tax people!!)

One for the road...........

In Love and Gratitude of Beloved OSHO

In a school in Poland the teacher asks, "Has any of you ever saved somebody's life?"
A little boy raises his arm, "Yes, my little nephew's."
"How did it happen? Tell us!" asks the teacher.
The little Polack says, "I hid my sister's birth control pills!"

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