Friday, 23 October 2009

' I am going to fire bomb DHL offices al over the world' , that's what he said

All photos are from Arraial d’Ajuda

Casey casey, your the divil!!

Met as chick from Rio on the beach and her 2 gay friends, the 2 gay guys dated twice, years ago and one of them recognised the other, the first indication of all of this to me was one of them rubbing the inside of the others leg, and there was me thinking that they were 'Just good friends'.

Maybe time heals all wounds, not that there was any wounds to heal, except maybe, one of the guys leg, he had it operated 16 times after being in a car crash, 2 people died, while out partying, time, eh?

Well, i'm off to a flying start here, i cant complain.

Oh yeah, Mark from England (that i met before going to the island) told me he wants to fire bomb DHL offices across the world.
He sent a delicate carved package to his mom for her birthday from Peru, costing 170 Euro's.

He rang them asking why it arrived in tiny little pieces and 5 weeks too late, completely missing his mothers birthday (and maybe too early for next years birthday)

I don't suppose his mother is into jigsaw puzzle, cos that is quite a puzzle, physically and mentally.

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