Monday, 19 October 2009

I had sex with you last night

This is a copy of the type of letter i would send my buddy Siomon back in 2002, when i read this letter a few years later, i was like ´Fuck, who is that crazy guy?´, It was me!!!

He printed off these storys, they were pretty hard to believe, but all true!!!!

March 01 Keiran to Simon

Well i was gonna ring you but i dont have your mobile no.

Had a really strange night last

I went to the coopers happy hour and metup with a girl (Lisa) i'm seeing........needless to say we went on drinking till late with a few others.

When we went to the irish bar.....apparently i'm barred from there now, i was taking the piss out of this (Irish humourless) bar girl.

Then we went to the big gay pub accross the road from me, we met a Germman girl at the bar and for some reason she came back with us for a smoke.....before i knew it we were all in bed, i remember little.

I passed out after screwing the frauline. lol.

From what i remember she was a babe, definatly nicly shaped......but fuck it memory fais me.

I'm on track to beat your 3 women in 3 days, so far it's 3 in 1 day, im supposed to meet a girl tonight, if i do meet up with her it will be 4 in 2 days.

Needless to say my drunken antics shocked the hell out of me as Lisa had a calvery of anicdotes for me this morning........ugh. gotta slow down!!!

See yea fer now.


March 01 Simon to Kieran

It warms my heart to read your tale young man. It is good to know there are others out there on a mission (even if they don't remember it clearly or have no direct intention of doing the action).

my mobile number is (and you should have it because you called me one million times in sydney): 0402 826 XXX.

i have been in bed with two chicks at once, and fucked one of them: it just both at the same time that eludes me.

and ... for the record, in that golden week, i didn't just poke: each encounter was a 4 or 5 hour long experience with all the magical variety. the rate has subsided but, i am playing more games with my girls, getting a blow job at a restaurant (it was so much more classy than that), phone sex, and generally weirder things. it is great when you have a girl for a while (i am referring to my Jess specifically here).

things are good. my body is a bit verkucht, been a bit sick, but that is just a cry to stop the drugs and drink and smoke. such is life.

Your last comment was 'gotta slow down'. never ever ever slow down: it is our game in life to keep on going and going, harder adn stronger, until we die. never forget that. we shall call this the first commandment.

had some strange encounters as well. last week went on pub crawl (which was accentuated from the fact that i was coming down off MDMA from the night before). cute little sexy raver chick came up to me and started rubbing my head and then she stopped abruptly and said, 'i better stop that is making me horny'. This was my call. problem: i had to leave to another party in about 10 mins. solution: be a part of movie: I had my trenchcoat on, so i become sexy simon the stud mafia guy. told her the truth: just wanted to play for ten then i had to go. we played outside, i left. simple. it was like a dream (in the literal sense).

i'm sure her next beer tasted a little different when she went back inside.

anyway, enough debauchery.


2nd April 01 Kieran to Simon
It Happened part 2

Well simon

I went out on Fri. night a 3am, i ended up going to the imperial to see if there was any lasses to be had, anyway i saw this girl by herself so i went over and had a chat, i ended up buying her a beer, after about an hour i asked "Where do you go in newtown" she ended up saying

Her: "...Newtown Hotel"
Me: "Oh yeah i was there the other night"
Her "I met an irish guy there last night"
After a pause of 5 secconds of looking at me....

Her: "Was your friend Lisa"
Me: Laughing "Yea"
Her: "I had sex with you last night"

Unbeeeelieveable !

Cracked me up !!


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