Friday, 30 October 2009

I left Brasil, it was time to say goodbye.....this time, next time? Who knows?

My best friend Sneachta, when he was a baby...last year

So i'm off to Germany and i'm flying next to this 28 year old Brazilian babe and her 1 year old baby (she told me she has 3 other kids), hard to believe with a body like that and i really am flying, this was even before we took off.

The baby (Leo) starts to cry and i don't mind it at all and we're having a laugh, the German woman on the other isle looks over to me starts throwing faces and i say 'So how many kids do you want to have', she looks away in disgust, it was going to be along flight, not for me.

I was very happy to have made it on the flight, so we are rapping away in Portuguese and i tell her about the Air France flight that went down on the same route 2 months ago, the chick in front of me turns to me and says 'Your a crazy guy!!', Ok, i dont mind if i do. :)

This Brazilian first came to Germany 10 years ago (the mind can only boggle at how she looked then!!!) for Samba dancing and for me it's pretty funny to see a Brazilian talk German and all dressed up like a business woman, i showed her my new Havaianas, she had serious shoes with heels, perfect for Frankfurt.

Later, the chick in front of me tells me 'Your crazy because you smile all the time' , someone told me the exact same thing a few days before too!!!!

Leo makes noise, not that much, to me, Miss serious Germany throws more looks, i say '2 Kids?', Mr Germany looks over at me too, now i'm laughing, fuck them (i did feel quite high on that flight)

So we get i drink, later i go ask for a gin and tonic NOT another,

The guy says: 'It's the policy to give 1 drink, but since i dont know if you were asleep, i will give you a drink'
Me: Yeah, i was asleep, cheers

I get to Frankfurt and i'm tired, no sleep, so after resting up in Starbuck's, maybe i slept, i can never tell sometimes for a few hours and i dont have a watch and the body clock is always set on 18 years young. I head into the city to Central and i walk around, something strange happens, my brain starts to say's 'I like this place'

Everybody i meet is cool, i see the historic part of town and head to meet the couch surfers and a chick on the train shows me the street, very cool, so far so good.... so what?

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