Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I wish i had an answer for that, because i'm getting tired of answering that question

Meself an Tegan from Sydney

Some notes i made in a book for notes and now, this
Check out Author Cormac Mac Carthy

Girls, date a transsexual, it will increase your wardrobe a 100% over night.

The only German i can remember from school is ' Ich libe dick', doesn't sound right, does it?

If i was a gay i would say ' And now it's time to kiss your ass goodbye', if i was gay and now your hoping i'm not.

Fuckin thanks Brazil

And the crazy Mr Smith, it's the power!!

I met the guy that took this footage

Information is only as valuable as the source

Into the wild i go, no other place i know

I said to a local one night 'Is she a Vet too', he responds 'No, she is crazy', Classic!!!

American chick on Skype told her friend of a chick in a Dorm that got ' Gang banged' by 8 guys, now i have 1 less reason to hate them.....chicks + i can append a new term to my Vocabulary, it will certainly come in handy in talking to them Yankees

Everything is the matter, matter is nothing but trapped energy

Mobius strip

Meditation trick, ' Breath through your eyes'

Buddist philosopher trick, try and remember the solution instead of solving a problem, the idea is that the answer is already in the universe and all you have to do is remember it.

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